Catia Fonseca pins Lívia Andrade after she announced that she was hired by Globo: “She didn’t sign”


Presenter Lívia Andrade announced that she was hired by TV Globo to work on Domingão with Huck

Photo: Reproduction Band and Instagram/Livia Andrade
© Photo: Reproduction Band and Instagram/Livia AndradePhoto: Reproduction Band and Instagram/Livia Andrade

Presenter Catia Fonseca pinned Lívia Andrade during the program “Best of the Afternoon”, in this Wednesday’s edition (17). Catia commented on the actress’ move to TV Globo. Lívia, who has been away from open TV since 2020, made a point of celebrating her trip to the new station on social media.

On the show, Catia talked about a headline on a website that suggested that Lívia was getting out of trouble by leaving the Band to participate in Domingão with Huck, on the competing broadcaster: “Sometimes a headline is produced to click, it draws attention, once, twice, three times, but then it loses credibility. What is Lívia going to do brilliantly? Yes, because she is very good. That maybe the pilot hadn’t been made the right way? It wasn’t, because it wasn’t approved Now too, I’m not from the management of the Band to know anything. I don’t know what they had agreed on, if the idea was to make another pilot later on, if they’re going to do it, but that doesn’t fit, the story is the news and the news was not reliable,” he began.

Soon after, Catia made a point of commenting that Lívia only went to Globo because of Luciano Huck’s request: “Actually, she didn’t sign with Globo, she signed with Luciano Huck to participate. . “, he pinned. Journalist Alex Sampaio, who also participated in the program, also commented on Huck’s insistence: “She says he was the one who put his foot down a lot, he asked a lot for her”, he said. Catia ended the conversation: “Yes, he did well, because she is very good. I like her a lot, but… Anyway”, she concluded.

In a video that brought the call of “Plantão da Globo” and a photo of Lívia, the actress said that she was hired to act on Sunday with Huck: “When will I return to TV? Now, yes, I can answer. on Sunday, such a special day for me”, announced the artist.

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