Check your intelligence with the Ames Room Challenge

It is optical illusion seems to be quite simple. Just look at the photo and tell which person in it is bigger than the other by size. Easy, isn’t it? However, the truth is that both people are the same size. This image became known as the optical illusion of the ames room. If you want to know more, just keep reading this article.

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Ames room optical illusion

This optically-inspired illusion image was named the “Ames Room Illusion” and went viral because of the disproportionate generated between the two people in the image. Evidently, the two women in the photo appear to be different sizes.

Ames Room.

The right side of the building appears to be larger than the lady standing at the door. However, just like with all other optical illusion images, the obvious answer is not the right answer here. Check out the picture and see which person is the greatest for you.

Optical illusion challenge

Most people unfamiliar with the image assume that the woman on the left is taller than the one on the right. That’s when we get excited. To be honest, both women are the same size, although it doesn’t look like it.

A visitor to the Villette science museum in Paris took this photo in Ames’ living room. The photograph was later posted on a website by the visitor, and this is how the world first learned about a new optical illusion image.

What shape is the room in the image? Square? Wrong! Its shape is trapeze. So the woman who looks shorter is actually farther away from the taller woman in a corner. Here, the idea of ​​depth of field is relevant.

The two women appear to be in the same depth of field to the viewer due to the photograph. However, the woman who appears to be taller is actually at a considerably steeper angle.

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