Corinthians updates the medical department and informs that Vic and Gabi Portilho do not need surgery

Corinthians updated the situation of its women’s medical department after training this Wednesday, the last one before the game against Portuguesa, for Paulistão. The club detailed the situation of each of the injured athletes and ruled out the need for surgery for Gabi Portilho and Vic Albuquerque.

The duo was the biggest concern of the club and the fans since last Sunday, when they suffered strong entries in the match against Real Brasília, for the quarterfinals of the Brazilian. Gabi Portilho had a sprain detected on the day of the game, while Vic Albuquerque’s condition was confirmed this Wednesday as an injury to the medial ligament of the knee.

Despite neither need surgery, the club has not confirmed the expected recovery time for the pair. In addition to them, the medical department also has, momentarily, Gabi Zanotti still recovering from ankle sprain and Gi Campiolo, with a fracture of the greater tubercle of the humerus, located in the left shoulder. The four athletes underwent treatment in the CT.

The quartet adds to the lack of Tarcianewho defends the Brazilian Under-20 team, Kemelli, Katiuscia, Erika and Ellen, who are recovering from surgery on the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee. Finally, Luanawho suffered from knee discomfort, and Gabi Moraiswho performed a physical upgrade, do not have a certain presence in the duel.

Faced with the large number of embezzlement, Arthur Elias resorted to the base. In this Wednesday’s training, five Brabinhas were present and can appear at least on the match’s bench: goalkeeper Ravena, defender Amanda Vital, midfielder Julia Brito, midfielder Isabela Cabral and forward Carioca.

The match between Corinthians and Portuguesa takes place at 5 pm this Thursday, at Fazendinha. The duel will be attended by Fiel and tickets are still on sale. After this commitment, Timão returns to the field on Sunday, at 11 am, when he faces Real Brasília in the second game of the quarterfinals of the Brazilian at Neo Química Arena, again against Fiel.

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