Cruzeiro x Chape in Brasilia has a net income of more than R$ 1.5 million

Cruzeiro 1 x 1 Chapecoense had more than BRL 1.8 million
photo: Staff Images/Cruise

Cruzeiro 1 x 1 Chapecoense had more than BRL 1.8 million in gross income

The 1-1 draw between Cruzeiro and Chapecoense at Man Garrincha, in Brasilia, generated a net income of R$ 1,560,364.62. The match was played last Saturday (13), for the 24th round of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship.

Ranking of Cruzeiro at home audiences in Serie B

The duel, played in the federal capital because Mineiro was booked for another event, took 22,432 fans to the stadium. In the public ranking of Cruzeiro at home by Serie B, the game with Chape is in eighth place out of 12 matches played (see the gallery above).

Despite this, the amount of R$ 1,816,425.00 received from ticket sales is the fifth largest collection of the club as home team in the competition. The biggest one was registered in the 2-0 victory over Sampaio Corra (R$ 2,466,489.50), when 58,397 fans packed Mineiro.

It is also the seventh largest collection with tickets of the entire Series B. The record held by Guarani 0 x 0 Vasco, at Arena da Amaznia, which generated R$ 2,801,270 in ticket sales.

Of the more than R$1.5 million in net income, a part goes to the association. O supersports consulted Cruzeiro if any part of the amount will be allocated to the company hired by the club to sell tickets for the game in Brasilia, but received no response until the most recent update of this report.

In 12 matches as home team in Serie B, Cruzeiro took 448,148 people to the stadiums. The average of 37,345 fans per game, the highest number in the competition.

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