CSA’s Legal Department prepares defense, after controversy, and maintains prices for the game with Vasco

About a day after Vasco filed an application with the CBF, asking for a decrease in ticket prices for visitors, the CSA took a stand. On Wednesday night (17th), the Gazetaweb contacted the club’s legal and financial superintendent, Gilson Romeiro. He confirmed that the idea is to keep prices for the Vasco fans and also said that Azulão will defend itself.

“The CSA legal team is already making the defense. So far, we have no position to lower the price. The tickets are maintained and we are forwarding them to the club’s defense, since these procedures have already been done in other games. the first time we do this. All clubs in Brazil do this procedure, it is not customary for CSA”, said Gilson.

The controversy began after the release of ticket prices for the clash between CSA and Vasco, this Thursday (18), at 8 pm, at Trapichão. Due to the complaint of Vasco residents in Maceió, the Rio club complained.

“This is practically a rule, that the visitor pays a little more, sometimes. Here, we already had the same tickets and we already had tickets that were a little more expensive. this situation, which is a common thing, within the Brazilian Championship games”, he said.

Therefore, the values ​​remain the same. Vasco fans will have to pay BRL 160 for the entire ticket, or BRL 80 for those who are entitled to a half ticket. Gilson preached respect to Vasco’s fans and recalled a similar case, in CSA x Cruzeiro, where there was no complaint from the miners.

“Like some games, CSA x Cruzeiro itself was like this and there was no questioning. We respect Vasco da Gama fans, but we maintain this position and the lawyers are already forwarding the answer, both to Procon , as well as for the CBF”, he concluded.

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