“Didn’t even start being a villain”


The actor commented on the motivations that will lead his character to become a villain

Actor who plays Renato in Pantanal, reveals the character's future as a villain
© Image 1 – Reproduction: Instagram/Gabriel Santana | Image 2 – Reproduction/TV GloboActor who plays Renato in Pantanal, reveals the character’s future as a villain

in the role of Renato in wetlandthe actor Gabriel Santana he knew how to conquer the viewers’ antipathy towards his character. That’s because the son of Tenório (Murilo Benicio) has been causing more and more and, according to the actor himself, will still have his transformation as a villain.

Being presented at the moment only as a misunderstood and spoiled young man, Gabriel revealed that Renato will turn into a real executioner: “It hasn’t even started to be a villain yet.”, admits the same. According to the artist, Tenório’s son will become a younger version of his father.

Renato went to the Pantanal with the prospect that his life would become paradise. And we know that life there is not like that. So, at some point, Renato will give that shudder and think: ‘Puts, is this really what I wanted?’. And it will turn into turmoil. He will start to get along with his father and will find a purpose in his life.”, says the young man.

For Gabriel, the character will become dependent on his father’s approval and, due to this, will sink deeper and deeper into his actions and speech. He argues that Renato never had a full-time paternal presence and that this affected the way he sees the world, making this connection with Tenório necessary, regardless of being right or wrong.

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