Eduardo Paes says that Eastern Military Command suspended September 7 parades in Rio | Rio de Janeiro

In a series of tweets this Wednesday (17), the mayor of Rio Eduardo Paes said that the September 7 parades were suspended by the Eastern Military Command. Initially, the parades were planned, and in the bidding process, to take place on Avenida Presidente Vargas, in downtown Rio.

“I was informed by Cmte. Militar do Leste that this year we will not have the traditional military parade at Presidente Vargas nor on Copacabana beach. bleachers or parade. As had already been broadcast by some press organs, presentations by the Navy and Air Force should take place at sea and in the air, without any kind of interference in the lanes of Avenida Atlântica”, he wrote.

Paes further explained that he should meet with the authorities to better define the details of the acts in Rio de Janeiro.

“Over the next few days we will have meetings with the armed forces to organize details. I repeat: the military parade will not be at Pres Vargas or Copacabana. This is the request I received from the Brazilian Army,” he wrote.

Eduardo Paes on Twitter: no military parade in Rio on September 7 — Photo: Reproduction

The g1 contacted the City Hall of Rio to confirm the information published by Paes, which was done. Earlier, columnist Lauro Jardim, from O Globo, had already talked about the possibility in his column, and gave details of what the event in Copacabana would be like.

“In addition to demonstrations by the FAB’s Esquadrilha da Fumaça, with their maneuvers and acrobatics in the skies and by Navy warships, the Army will parade with military bands and military motorcycles on Avenida Atlântica. authorities, including the President of the Republic”, wrote the columnist.

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