Electricity tariff is readjusted in Santa Catarina; know how much to increase

The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) approved this Tuesday, 16th, Celesc’s Annual Tariff Adjustment (RTA). The average effect of the adjustment for residential consumers (B1) is 7.66%, which should come into effect next Monday, 22.

Check the average effect of the tariff adjustment:

Low voltage on averageHigh voltage on averageAverage effect for the consumer

According to Aneel, the result of the readjustment was positive, because the readjustment will be lower than inflation for 99.6% of Celesc’s consumers. Among the items that most impacted this process, sector charges, energy acquisition and transport costs stand out.

The agency also claims that some residential consumers may experience a 4.22% reduction in electricity costs. This will depend on technical factors, such as the consumption range.

Measures that impact the tariff

The potential effect is a result of the application of complementary law 194/2022, which sets a ceiling for ICMS rates on electricity bills.

Another measure in this tariff process was that Aneel considered law 14,385/2022, which deals with the transfer of tax credits referring to the withdrawal of ICMS from the PIS/Pasep and Cofins calculation base, where R$ 806 were reversed in favor of consumers million, making it possible to reduce the tariff readjustment by 8.32%.

According to Aneel, the privatization of Eletrobrás also contributed to a 2.41% reduction in Celesc’s tariff readjustment. The mitigation measures of the financial components adopted by the Agency and by Celesc together total an attenuation of 15.41% in the tariff process of the distributor.

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