Huge explosion hits Kabul mosque, Afghanistan, kills | World

A massive explosion hit a mosque in Kabul during evening prayers on Wednesday, leaving many dead and injured, witnesses and police said.

Police said there were several victims, but did not say how many. A Taliban intelligence official told Reuters that as many as 35 people could have been injured or killed, and the number could rise further. According to an unnamed official, quoted by Al Jazeera, the incident left 20 dead.

Kabul Emergency Hospital announced on Twitter that it had taken in 27 patients injured in the blast, including a seven-year-old child.

Taliban marks 1 year since regaining power in Afghanistan

Taliban marks 1 year since regaining power in Afghanistan

Witnesses told Reuters the loud blast was heard in a neighborhood in northern Kabul, and it shattered windows in nearby buildings. Ambulances rushed to the scene.

“An explosion took place inside a mosque … the explosion has victims but the numbers are still unclear,” Kabul police spokesman Khalid Zadran told Reuters.

The Taliban intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the explosion took place among worshipers at a mosque in the Khair Khana area of ​​Kabul.

The mosque imam was among the dead and the number could still rise, the source added. Intelligence teams were at the scene of the explosion and investigations were ongoing.

Other Taliban government officials did not respond to multiple requests to confirm casualties.

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