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The month of August is known by health professionals as ‘Golden August’, as it symbolizes the encouragement of breastfeeding. The golden color is related to the gold standard of human milk quality.

Within this context, on the morning of this Wednesday (17), the Health Department of Massapê do Piauí promoted a meeting with pregnant and postpartum women – those women who are in the postpartum phase, the guard.

The objective, according to the Secretary of Health, Maria Lucia, was to pass on important guidelines for women. “This moment is very important, and for that reason we are immensely grateful for the presence of pregnant and postpartum women at this meeting. It is a meeting of knowledge, when our multidisciplinary team will pass on several guidelines for this very important moment in a woman’s life, which is pregnancy and the birth of a child. ”, she said.

Lucinha, Secretary of Health

The meeting was marked by three lectures. The first, given by psychologist Laura Jaynne, focused on significant changes in women’s lives during pregnancy, whether physical, psychological and social. According to Jaynne, there are many anxieties and concerns of pregnant women.

Laura Jaynne, psychologist at NASF

Idealization of motherhood, emotional involvement with the family, bond between mother and child, difficulties with pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, perinatal psychic illnesses were some of the points addressed.

Then, the nutritionist Acsa Denise, addressed the central theme of the meeting, “Breastfeeding is protection for life”. The speaker reinforced pregnant women and mothers of newborns with the importance of exclusive breastfeeding up to six months of the child’s life, as well as its continuity up to two years or more.

Denise explained about the benefits of breastfeeding, from the bond between mother and child, emphasizing that breast milk is the appropriate food for nutrition, capable of meeting all the immunological needs of a child, even helping to prevent infections. “Breast milk is a baby’s first ‘vaccine’,” she said.

The nutritionist detailed the composition of breast milk, the differences with infant formula and cow’s milk and explained about the variations in the composition of human milk, which, according to her, changes to meet the needs of the baby. “There are three phases of breast milk: colostrum, transitional and mature.”, she said, explaining each one.

The last lecture was given by nurse Rosa Andrea, who also discussed the benefits of breastfeeding, explained prenatal care and shared theoretical and practical guidelines on the breastfeeding process.

At the end, pregnant and postpartum women received gifts and participated in a breakfast.

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