Journalist Armindo Antônio Ranzolin dies at 84

Journalist Armindo Antônio Ranzolin died this Wednesday at the age of 84 after complications from Alzheimer’s. The narrator was responsible for recounting several titles in Rio Grande do Sul football, such as the third Brazilian championship of the Interthe bichampionship of the Libertadores and the World Guild, in addition to the fourth world championship of the Brazilian team. Born in Caxias do Sul, Ranzolin leaves his wife, Yara, children Cristina and Ricardo, grandchildren Henrique, Manoela and Antônia.

With the dream of being an announcer since childhood, Armindo Ranzolin moved to Porto Alegre at the age of 20. Before plunging into a career that would have great success, Ranzolin graduated in Law from UFRGS in 1964. He began his career in radio as a field reporter, under the management of Mendes Ribeiro, at Rádio Guaíba. However, his first opportunity as a narrator took place at Rádio Difusora, in Santa Catarina, where he participated in his first classic Gre-Nal.

After stints at Rádio Farroupilha, Ranzolin returned to Rádio Guaíba in 1968. It took 16 years, where he was hired as second narrator, but was raised to the position of main announcer with the death of Pedro Carneiro Pereira in October 1973. It was in Guaíba that he narrated his first World Cup, in 1974 — in addition to Inter’s third Brazilian championship, the first Brazilian and Grêmio’s Libertadores and Mundo titles.

Ranzolin’s narration in the title of América do Tricolor, in 1983, was so remarkable that it appears in the song “Aconteceu em Porto Alegre”, by Engenheiro do Hawaii: “I told you to believe! I asked you to believe! I never stopped believing! That Grêmio was going to be champion of America! Today, tonight, in Porto Alegre!”

In 1984, Armindo Ranzolin left for Rádio Gaúcha, changing radio for the last time. At Gaúcha, he worked in three world cups, the last one in 1994, where the Brazilian team won the fourth championship. Ranzolin retired from sports storytelling at the end of 1995, with the Club World Cup decision between Grêmio and Ajax. However, he continued acting as a communicator and presenter until 2006, when he decided to announce his retirement to dedicate himself to his family.

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