Justice orders Canoinhas Health Secretary removed from office

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She is accused of using the role to benefit her father’s mother-in-law.

The judge of the Criminal Court of the district of Canoinhas, Eduardo Veiga Vidal, ordered the removal of the Secretary of Health of Canoinhas, Kátia Oliskowski Munhoz Pires Batista, from the commissioned position of Secretary of Health of the Municipality of canoes, until the delivery of the sentence. She is accused of prevarication, that is, using the function to benefit someone unduly.

According to the complaint accepted by the judge in an injunction, on November 25 and 26, 2021, within the Canoinhas Health Department, Kátia authorized consultation and examinations for the patient Elsa Woichicoski Pazda, against the express provision of law, that is, without observe the waiting list of the Unified Health System (SUS), “to satisfy personal interest, that is, the immediate guarantee of the mother of the de facto companion of her father to the necessary consultations and exams, disrespecting the waiting list in relation to to other patients.”

Elza would have been placed on the Sisreg (State Regulation System) waiting list on November 23, 2021, for consultation with a cardiologist, in order to carry out an evaluation for performing corneal transplant surgery. Until then, apparently, she would follow the regular procedure. However, on the 25th and 26th of November, Kátia responded to the request of her father’s companion “for Elza to obtain consultation and exams literally overnight. Thus, using the position of secretary, without consulting the list of patients in the same situation, without medical opinion indicating any urgency, he authorized the consultation and examinations to be carried out via the Intermunicipal Health Consortium of the Contestado Region (CIS Amurc), without observe any legal criteria, except for private and personal judgments, for such authorizations”, reads the complaint.

On November 26 and 29, 2021, Kátia obtained for Elza, according to the complaint, what the Public Prosecutor’s Office considers an unlawful advantage, through consultations and exams with fraud on the SUS waiting lines, to the detriment of the Public Administration and of the other patients who were on the waiting list, “inducing error, through authorization for consultation and exams in a fraudulent way, consisting of determining that the beneficiary obtains consultation and medical exams even though she is outside the public queue of the SUS”, follows the complaint.

The court decision is a precautionary measure and is far from the sentence, which will be published after the accused is given the right to ample defense.


Kátia told the report that she will comply with the determination and add documentation proving that she was not irresponsible in relation to the complaint.

The Municipality of Canoinhas informed that it should send a note soon regarding its position.

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