Karina Bacchi’s ex publishes letter asking to see her son

Amaury Nunes, Karina Bacchi and Enrico Bacchi

Amaury Nunes, Karina Bacchi and Enrico Bacchi

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Former player Amaury Nunes returned to manifest on social networks regretting the fact that he has not seen his son Enrico for four months, after the separation from Karina Bacchi. In the open letter, published on his Instagram profile, Amaury does not name the actress, but recalls the beginning of their relationship.

“Today it’s been four months since I’ve seen my son. Right at the beginning of our relationship, one of my ex-wife’s main virtues was to be a good mother, in fact an incredible, dedicated, present, hardworking, courageous mother. that in her, and that was one of the main reasons that made me embrace that family, in that very special moment, with a newborn son”, said the former player.

He explains, during the letter, that he met Karina shortly after Enrico’s birth. “We met in person in Miami on 08/28/2017, twenty days after his birth. There, I quickly felt that not only she, but especially him, needed me. I believe that God put me in that country, in that city, at that very moment so I could be there for them.”

According to him, the relationship evolved very quickly. “In a short time, we decided that I was going to move to São Paulo with them. It was like this, one weekend I was on the beach in Miami, playing footvolley with my friends, the other I was heating a bottle at dawn, playing the role as a husband and father of a newborn child, and feeling extremely happy,” he explained.

Then, the former player said that the actress ‘gifted’ him with the entry into socio-affective paternity. However, he also revealed that, after the couple’s fights, the actress asked him to drop the process.

“It was a very big shock, I felt extremely sad. I accepted to sign that document, because I never thought that a simple paper would define a relationship as pure and as beautiful as mine and my son’s. Now, four months ago, I try to understand why this attitude of hers, of not letting me anymore, at least living with, or talking to our son, and I would like to make it clear that my intention was never and never will be to take him away from her, quite the opposite, like me I said here, I’ve always admired her as a mother. I’m still here with open arms and heart to resume socializing with him, without fights, without rancor, just with love, and I’m sure he does too”, he concluded.

Fight went public in early August

The ex-partner of actress Karina Bacchi published, on his Instagram, a video congratulating the couple’s son on his fifth birthday. Entrepreneur Amaury Nunes, however, suggests that he cannot see his son due to the artist’s decision. She commented on the publication and, without naming names, recorded a video rebutting the accusation.

Amaury’s publication was made on August 8th. In the video, he congratulates his son and says he hopes that one day he will see the publication and know that he has not been abandoned.

“Today I cannot be with you, (…) but I would like to send you this message (…) and that one day you can see this message and see that you have a father who loves you, who has never abandoned you, who will never leave you,” he said.

Karina did not let the controversial message go blank and responded in the comments of the ex-player’s post, from whom she separated in May this year.

“The words seem beautiful, but everything has a reason. It is not for nothing that Justice says the opposite. May God have mercy and give you grace to be more truthful in your next family”, he wrote, implying that Justice is by your side in this fight.

Then the actress also recorded a long video about the controversy. She suggested that Amaury is using the opportunity of the child’s birthday to try to move the public and also said that everything she does is thinking about the protection of her son.

“Not everything seems what it is (…), I would never act with falsehood, with selfishness, especially with something involving my son’s life. If things happened in my life, there is a reason why. Things were revealed, bad things , things that not only hurt me, but things that have to do with my son’s life,” he said.

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