Lula in BH: PT adjusts details of act and rushes to close list of speakers

Alexandre Kalil and Luiz In
Lula and Kalil will again share the platform this Thursday (18), in BH (photo: Leandro Couri/EM/DA Press – 6/15/22)

The PT fine-tunes the strategies that will guide the first major act of Luiz Incio Lula da Silva’s presidential campaign. The trade show takes place this Thursday (8/18), at Praça da Estação, in Belo Horizonte. The organization of the act is still working to close the list of speakers, but the tendency is that Alexandre Kalil and Alexandre Silveira, affiliated with the PSD, but Lula’s candidates for the Minas Gerais government and the Senate, also have a certain role during the activity. delivered at the door of the Volkswagen factory, in So Bernardo do Campo (SP), the act in BH has been preparing for a few weeks. The assembly of the commercial structure in Praça da Estação started to be erected on Sunday (14/8).

In addition to the main stage, where Lula, Kalil and Silveira are expected to stand, the organization’s workers are preparing two stands, which will house candidates for the Chamber of Deputies and the Legislative Assembly.

Tomorrow’s activity will be Lula’s second public engagement in Belo Horizonte this year. In May, the presidential candidate gave a speech at Expominas, still without formalizing the union with Kalil. At the time, the organization expected the presence of six thousand people, but internal calculations indicate that there were twice as many attendances. Therefore, this time, the PT does not esteem the public.

“We made a good publicity in the capital and in the Metropolitan Region. In the interior there are also news about caravans. In the networks, it’s a topic talked about by all the political actors that make up Lula’s alliance”, says state deputy Cristiano Silveira, who presides over the board PT from Minas Gerais.

You will not need to register to access Praça da Estação, but spectators at the trade will need to go through a search carried out by security guards. Closer to the stage, however, will be authorities and political leaders. Last week, federal deputy Reginaldo Lopes (PT), coordinator of Lula’s campaign in Minas, met with representatives of the alliance’s parties around the former president.

Despite the weight of the local organization, Lula’s national team has an influence on the course. That’s why PT members still avoid naming anyone who, in addition to the presidential candidate, can wield the microphone.

“(The names of) who will be on the platform with Lula and who will speak are being aligned with the national coordination of the campaign”, explains Cristiano Silveira.

By act in BH, Lula far ‘back and forth’

When he was in BH just over three months ago, Lula turned a hotel in the city’s Center-South region into a kind of “headquarters”. There, in addition to resting after his schedules in the capital and in Contagem, he met twice with allies from Minas.

It was there, in fact, that the ex-president gave his co-religionists the order, anticipated by the State of Mines, to insist on a composition with Kalil. This time, however, the strategy will be different. Lula arrives in Belo Horizonte this Thursday and should head back to So Paulo (SP) on the same day. On Saturday (20), he will hold his second major campaign rally – precisely on São Paulo.

Trumpet platform to make Kalil grow

Made official in May, the alliance between Lula and Kalil had its first public chapter the following month, during an act in Uberlndia, in the Triangle. Now, for the first time, the presidential candidate will be able to ask for votes from the former mayor of BH, whose candidate for vice-president is Andr Quinto.

According to Cristiano Silveira, Lula uses Praça da Estação to endorse support for Kalil. The idea exposes the advantages of having state governors allied to the Planalto Palace.

“Having a governor aligned, it is easier to carry out work within a (programmatic) agenda. He has already said that, starting his term, he wants to talk to the governors, within the federative pact, to find out what are the main structuring works of each state”.

On Monday (15), an Ipec poll pointed out that Kalil is 18 points behind governor Romeu Zema (Novo), who has 40% of the voting intentions, against 22% of the pollster. Lula, in turn, beats Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in Minas by 39% to 26%. The survey is registered with the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) under the number MG%u201002868/2022.

The former president must also address issues that interest the miners. According to Cristiano, the search for levers for socioeconomic development is one of the priority topics.

“Lula wants to talk a little about how important he was to Minas when he governed and took care of the state with affection”. The activity in BH hasn’t even happened yet, but PT members are already working to bring Lula back to Minas before the first shift, scheduled for October 2nd. The plan is to take him to regions like the Steel Valley and the North.

Minas Gerais deputy ‘dives’ into the campaign

Who should be present at Lula’s rally is federal deputy from Minas Gerais Andr Janones, from Avante, who withdrew his presidential candidacy to support the PT ticket. Recently, Janones made a broadcast on the networks alongside the PT leader in order to guarantee the continuity of Auxlio Brasil at the level of R$ 600 in the event of Lula’s triumph.

Geraldo Alckmin, Lula’s vice-presidential candidate, also expected at the event. The PSB, his party, withdrew Saraiva Felipe’s candidacy for the Minas Gerais government in order to follow Kalil and, thus, be in the PT coalition at the state level as well.

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