Norway raises almost BRL 104,000 to erect Freya walrus statue

More than US$20,000 (or R$103,650) was raised in Norway to erect a statue in honor of a walrus sacrificed for the threat it posed to human safety.

Freya, a 600-kilogram female, was a summer sensation in Norway, where she played in the Oslo fjord and took naps on some boats.

“Freya’s sacrifice sends extremely negative signals that Norway, and Oslo in particular, is not able to accommodate wild animals,” collection organizer Erik Holm told

“By erecting a statue of the symbol that Freya soon became, we will remind ourselves (and future generations) that we cannot and must not kill or erase nature when it ‘gets in our way’,” he adds.

Freya climbing a boat in Oslo -- her irreverent behavior drew the attention of onlookers - NTB/via REUTERS - NTB/via REUTERS

Freya climbing a boat in Oslo — her irreverent behavior drew the attention of onlookers

Image: NTB/via REUTERS

Walruses, a protected species that feeds primarily on invertebrates such as molluscs, shrimp, crabs and small fish, typically live in northern latitudes in the Arctic.

But Freya (named after the goddess of love and beauty in Norse mythology) was first seen in the fjord of the Norwegian capital on July 17.

It has since become an attraction for the curious and a risk to Norwegian authorities, who had warned that they would kill the animal if people continued to approach it. The public did not follow the recommendations and the walrus was shot dead on Sunday (14).

The walrus Freya was charming in Oslo - TOR ERIK SCHRDER/AFP - TOR ERIK SCHRDER/AFP

Freya the walrus was charming in Oslo


“The decision to euthanize it was made on the basis of a global assessment of the threat it posed to human security,” Frank Bakke-Jensen, head of the Norwegian Fisheries Directorate, said in a statement.

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