Palmeiras has an important asset to shoot in the Brasileirão

The Palmeiras team finds itself in the midst of another decisive sequence of the season, between the Libertadores and Brasileirão games. Verdão dispatched Atlético Mineiro in Libertadores and won the classic against Corinthians last Saturday (13), but there are still many challenges in the coming days.

The current period is determining for the title chances for the palm trees in the two remaining tournaments this season. In Libertadores, evidently, with each game that passes closer, the team gets to the grand final, since now only the duels against Athletico Paranaense are missing.

In the Brasileirão, even at the beginning of the 2nd round, Palmeiras can direct the course of the championship from now on, on account of the sequence of contenders for the title: Corinthians, Flamengo and Fluminense. By winning the classic last Saturday, Abel Ferreira’s team is nine points behind the two closest teams, Corinthians and Flamengo, and ten points away from Fluminense.

If he maintains or increases the distance in the confrontations against the Cariocas, he already acquires a good fat in the leadership. In line with this, there is the positive point of having been eliminated from the Copa do Brasil. Seeing the glass as half full, he will only play on weekends in upcoming games, with weeks for rest and preparation.

Thus, it will have less wear and will be able to have 100% strength in the decisive games, since it will only have a game again in the middle of the week at the end of August. With Monday (15) off, the athletes presented themselves again this Tuesday with the aim of preparing for the Flamengo game. Dudu, after the victory in the classic, commented.

“Player wants to play every game, right? We have to prepare, nowadays it’s not just on the field. It’s in training, in rest. I think our team has that in mind. Here in Brazil there are a lot of games, it’s played, we came to compete well against Corinthians… We’ll have two days off, rest for Tuesday to come back and think about Flamengo. It will be another very difficult game.”

Palmeiras will face Flamengo next Sunday (21), at 16:00 (Brasília time) at Allianz Parque.

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