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At 44min, 1T - Pezzolano is sent off after complaining in an outrageous way with the referee

At 44min, 1T – Pezzolano is sent off after complaining in an outrageous way with the referee

For the infraction committed in the game against CSA, he was incurred in article 243-F, which talks about “offending someone in his honor, for fact directly related to sport”. The penalty ranges from a fine (from R$100 to R$100,000) to suspension between one and six games.

Paragraph 1 of the article mentions a minimum penalty of four games of suspension, in case of conviction, if the infraction has been committed against members of the refereeing team. And that’s exactly what happened when Paulo Pezzolano was expelled.

Cruzeiro coach, Pezzolano is sent off in the game against CSA — Photo: Ailton Cruz/Gazeta de Alagoas

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Still in the first half of the 1-1 tie, the coach got annoyed with a foul on Rômulo and gestured to complain. The referee gave a yellow card, showing the red in the sequence. After being sent off, he still pulled referee Flávio Rodrigues de Souza by the shirt collar (watch the video above), being restrained by the assistant Martín Varini. The situation was reported in summary.

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Considering that for the expulsion against Fluminense he can also take six games of suspension. If Pezzolano gets the maximum sentence in both trials, he could be out of 12 of the last 14 rounds of the Brazilian Serie B, coming back only against Novorizontino and CSA.

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Although the game against Fluminense was for the Copa do Brasil, Pezzolano will fulfill the suspension, if it occurs, in Serie B, since Cruzeiro was eliminated by Tricolor in the knockout competition.

Another member of the technical commission that will be judged by the STJD, but this Friday, is the physical therapist Eduester Lopes, sent off against Ituano. The professional was subject to Article 258-C and may be suspended for up to three matches. The article says about “giving or transmitting instructions to athletes, during the performance of a match, competition or equivalent, in a place prohibited by the rules or regulations of the sport”.

5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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