PF tells the Federal Supreme Court that Bolsonaro committed criminal incitement by associating Covid vaccine with the risk of catching AIDS | Policy

The Federal Police told the Federal Supreme Court (STF) that President Jair Bolsonaro committed incitement to crime by associating the Covid-19 vaccine with the risk of contracting AIDS.

The association does not correspond to the truth. The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) and other health authorities have already clarified that vaccines do not bring diseases. On the contrary, they prevent contamination.

Bolsonaro made the fallacious relationship between Covid vaccine and risk of catching AIDS in a live on social media on October 22 of last year.

Deputy Lorena Lima Nascimento, responsible for the case, asked for authorization from the STF to indict Bolsonaro and assistant lieutenant Mauro Cid, who helped the president produce the material released by the president in the live.

The PF concluded that the two engaged in incitement to crime, conduct that, in the Penal Code, can lead to imprisonment from three to six months.

Moraes opens investigation to investigate Bolsonaro for associating Covid vaccines with AIDS

Moraes opens investigation to investigate Bolsonaro for associating Covid vaccines with AIDS

Bolsonaro cited alleged official reports from the United Kingdom on the live.

For the PF, the president “freely, voluntarily and consciously disseminated information that did not correspond to the original text of its source, potentially causing non-existent danger alarm to spectators”.

The report also states that Bolsonaro’s conduct encouraged viewers of the lives to fail to comply with health standards established by the government itself.

The PF also asks for permission to take Bolsonaro’s testimony.

Propagation of fake news

In the report, investigators detailed the scheme for spreading false information. According to the PF, the procedure followed by Bolsonaro is similar to the model for distributing fake news around the world and indicates a connection with another investigation that also investigates President Bolsonaro in the STF – which deals with the leak of confidential data from a PF investigation that is not was completed and that would have the objective of attacking the polls.

This system, says the PF, would involve the following steps:

  • High volume and multichannel content dissemination, implying a variety and large number of sources
  • Distribution of material quickly, continuously and repetitively, focused on forming a lasting first impression on the receiver, which generates familiarity with the information and, consequently, its acceptance

Argument without commitment to the truth and without consistency of speech over time (

If a falsehood or misrepresentation is exposed or is not welcomed, propagandists will discard it and move on to a new (though not necessarily more plausible) explanation.

Regarding Bolsonaro’s inquiries, the PF said it can point to a connection. The goal for both was to discredit the Covid-19 vaccine and safety at the polls.

For the PF, the connection between the two cases lies in the fact that “It is observed that the way of acting discussed in the INQ 4888 is very similar to what happened in the INQ 4878, requiring for the validation of the speech (false or with fragments of the truth) that is carried out by an influencer in a position of authority before his “audience”, “wrote the delegate.

The researchers cite that this practice only has repercussions on social media and, consequently, in the physical world if endorsed by an actor responsible for originating the ideas or broadcasting them to their followers.

President’s statement

In the October 2022 broadcast, Bolsonaro said official reports from the UK had suggested that people fully vaccinated against Covid were developing AIDS (a disease caused by HIV) “much faster than anticipated”. The claim is false, and there is no official report making this association.

The following week, the president of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), Antônio Barra Torres, reaffirmed that the vaccines used in Brazil are safe, and that none of them increases the “propensity of having other diseases”.

“None of the vaccines are related to the generation of other diseases. None of them are related to the increase in the propensity to have other diseases, infectious diseases for example. We will maintain the tradition of our Brazilian people of seeking and adhering to the PNI [Prrograma Nacional de Imunizações]”, said Barra Torres.

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