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Deputy Aloysio Falcão, from the 16th DP, who is investigating the case of being run over and killed by model Bruno Krupp, indicted the doctor this Wednesday (17th) Bruno Nogueira Teixeira for procedural fraud in the episode where he transferred the model to an ICU.

In a statement at the police station, the doctor said he made the decision because the patient’s clinical condition ‘was heading for kidney failure’ requiring referral to an ICU and postponing Krupp’s transfer to a prison unit.

“I indict Bruno Nogueira Teixeira for committing the crime of Procedural Fraud in a criminal proceeding, that sufficient evidence of authorship and criminal materiality remained, in view of the analysis of medical developments, testimonies of the medical team of the Marcos Moraes Hospital, together with medical-scientific articles and contradictions in the accused’s testimony’, wrote the delegate in his decision sent to the Public Ministry.

Model would have been rude and asked ‘swing’ to urinate

The delegate was based on the testimony of the medical team of the Marcos Moraes Hospital, in which all were unanimous in saying that the Krupp’s clinical picture was always satisfactory to be in the wardwith no change in the exams, and that the measurement of urinary volume eliminated per day was impaired by a friend of Krupp’s, who accompanied him, and who never recorded the patient’s diuresis, even after guidance from the team.

The medical team also reports that Krupp was rude and aggressive and, at one point, on August 4, he refused to urinate outside the tool known as a “duckling” and would have told a nursing technician “that he could only urinate ‘by shaking ‘”.

However, the change in the patient’s protocol was not justified since he was urinating in “duckling” every other day even with his hands tied because of wounds, dressing made at Lourenço Jorge. Soon, there was no new fact that justified the need for “balance”.

Doctor denied any fraud

On August 9, doctor Bruno Nogueira Teixeira gave a statement to the 16th DP, in the investigation in which he is investigated for possible fraud.procedural aud. He was hired by the family of model and digital influencer Bruno Krupp to take care of him after the traffic accident that ended with a 16-year-old boy dead.

“I was called to evaluate a patient who had suffered severe polytrauma and this patient evolved, as in many cases of this type, to acute kidney injury, which is a kidney injury resulting from the rupture of muscle fibers”, he commented.

“The condition was heading for acute renal failure and that’s why the patient, due to the potential for seriousness that involved his health condition, I recommended an ICU stay”, explained the doctor.

Police hear doctor suspected of issuing false diagnosis about Bruno Krupp

Police hear doctor suspected of issuing false diagnosis about Bruno Krupp

Bruno Teixeira also stated that he did not know Bruno Krupp’s family before the accident that ended with the death of teenager João Gabriel.

“I was professionally involved in the case, I have no relationship with the victim’s family. It’s a case of national commotion and that’s why I’m being heard. First of all, I wanted to offer my condolences to João Gabriel’s family”, he commented. .

Doctor Bruno Nogueira Teixeira arrives at the 16th Precinct to testify accompanied by the lawyer (in a suit) — Photo: Eliane Santos/g1 Rio

Despite the doctor stating that Krupp needed care in an ICU for a possible kidney problem, the reports from the Marcos Moraes Hospital, where the model was hospitalized, released the patient to serve preventive detention in a prison unit.

Bruno Krupp — Photo: Reproduction

Bruno Krupp, 25, was involved in a traffic accident in which he ran over and killed a teenager.

If it is proven that the doctor acted to deceive the Justice in the Bruno Nogueira case, he can be framed in article 347 of the Penal Code, which speaks of inducing a judge or expert to error, and that he is sentenced to detention, from three months to two years, and traffic ticket.

The model and influencer Bruno Krupp — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Bruno Krupp mocks the blitz in which he was stopped days before the accident

Bruno Krupp mocks the blitz in which he was stopped days before the accident

Bruno Krupp mocked the Prohibition blitz in which he was stopped three days before running over and killing teenager João Gabriel. In the Instagram stories that g1 had access to, Bruno first posted a photo, with the caption “Hoje me fodi”, and then made a video.

In an ironic tone, Bruno commented:

“Morally, bro. I love Prohibition. I love. Master. Already?! Let’s see what will unfold in the best way, did it take?! Tamu together… Both sides of the track. Come, love, come play, come play. Let’s go!”

In that blitz, Bruno refused to blow the breathalyzer and received fines for riding the motorcycle without a license plate or license.

Bruno is in police custody in a private hospital in the North Zone of Rio for the death, by being run over, of the young João Guilherme.

The Justice of Rio issued an arrest warrant against the model, who is responsible for murder with eventual intent, when the risk of killing is assumed.

Contrary to what Bruno Krupp’s lawyer said on Wednesday (3), the model and influencer does not have a license to ride motorcycles.

“He just didn’t have a driver’s license yet because the Detran, unless I’m mistaken, had already checked his license. He just hadn’t gotten his wallet yet,” said William Pena, who represents Bruno, at the hospital door.

TV Globo found that the model didn’t even take the Detran practical test for motorcycles. Bruno only passed the theoretical exam and still needed to fulfill the minimum hours of driving lessons on the streets.

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