Reporter explains why he resigned from TV Globo: disrespectful to me

Reporter Lizandra Trindade, who recently resigned from TV Globo, explained that she made the decision to leave the station’s staff after 19 years because she felt she was being “disrespectful” to herself.

Through his LinkedIn profile, Trindade, who was part of the company’s team of sports journalists, highlighted that he left Globo “because he wanted to”. The communicator showed no regrets from her former employer, after all the channel was responsible for training her “as a professional”.

“I worked for almost two decades in the largest communication company in the country, with the best technical resources and the most qualified professionals that the market could offer me. I made lifelong friends, interviewed relevant people, went to the World Cup and the Olympics, presented newspapers I was successful in the dream of the 8-year-old girl who wanted to be a journalist when she grew up. And I had a hard time leaving, because this girl follows me and is not used to giving up”, he wrote.

However, Lizandra Trindade stressed that, “in the end”, her experience “was no longer a dream”, because “no one gives up such a long relationship when it is more good than bad”.

“My story at Globo has an ultra-mega-hyper positive balance. But not the last few years. Arriving to work without the usual joy was disrespectful to me”, he pointed out.

“I needed time to accept the rupture, to understand that renewal is not giving up. On the contrary: giving up what was not good was not giving up on myself. At the center of my professional life there was a company. Today, I am there. all my productive capacity and a priority sense of self-care. I overcame fear. And I assure you: you have courage in the formula of happiness. The only person in the corporate world who has as a priority to make you happy is yourself”, he added.

Lizandra Trindade was part of Grupo Globo’s team of professionals in Rio de Janeiro. In the company, she even presented a program on SporTV. The reporter asked to leave the channel in June.

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