Rico and Lou and Jessica and Lucas “in love” in “Cara e Coragem”


Rico and Lou and Jessica and Lucas begin to get involved in the next chapters of “Cara e Courage”

Jessica (Jeniffer Nascimento) and Lucas (Igor Fernandez) kiss
© Globe/DisclosureJessica (Jeniffer Nascimento) and Lucas (Igor Fernandez) kiss

The romanticism of two young couples marks today’s chapter, the 17th, in “Cara e Coragem”. There are two first kisses: the long-awaited moment of Rico (André Luiz Frambach) and Lou (Vitória Bohn), and of Jessica (Jeniffer Nascimento) and Lucas (Igor Fernandez), who form the newest couple in the square.

Despite the big crowd for Rico and Lou, it’s still not this time that the stuntmen of Courage.com get together. Even with the recent beginning of a relationship with Marcinha (Alana Ferri), teacher of the vertical dance company, the young man does not hide his admiration for the dancer. And the first kiss between Rico and Lou happens in an unusual and unexpected way after she accepts an invitation to lunch at his parents’ house.

Growing closer after a demonstration of a martial arts move, the two kiss. Lou also surrenders, but soon after, she feels guilty for her betrayal with Renan (Bruno Fagundes), and runs away from Rico’s house. It is not this time that she puts an end to her relationship with her abusive boyfriend.

Relationship between Jessica and Lucas

Meanwhile, Jessica and Lucas are getting closer and closer. Even after being mistaken by Teca (Raquel Rocha) as Bob Wright/Duarte’s (Kiko Mascarenhas) girlfriend, the young woman decides to take care of her own love life and starts dating Lucas who is also increasingly interested in her.

The two kiss for the first time and Jessica is overjoyed. She, however, won’t let her faithful friend down and follows the deal with Duarte to keep the ‘Bob’s girlfriend’ farce at events attended by the fake American. And it won’t be long before Lucas realizes that there’s something odd about the story.

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