Sabá, the comic villain of Mar do Sertão, may be what was missing at 18 pm

Welder Rodrigues is one of the outstanding names in Sertão Sea, the new six o’clock soap opera that became one of Globo’s main bets in 2022, uniting a team of veterans with names little known by the public to create an engaging and believable plot. The actor and comedian is responsible for the interpretation of Bodo Sabbata cartoonish villain who may be exactly what the 6pm band was missing.

Many already know Welder’s mannerisms in the theater and countless projects for television, but this will be one of the most nationally-reaching works ever undertaken by the undisputedly talented professional and, consequently, responsible for amplifying his good humor to more people. Along with Tertulinho (Renato Góes), Sabá leads the team of antagonists in the soap opera starring Isadora Cruz as Candoca and Sergio Guizé as Zé Paulino.

Candoca will bravely fight Sabá's cruelty in the novel.  Photo: Reproduction / Globo
Candoca will bravely fight Sabá’s cruelty in the novel. Photo: Reproduction / Globo
Candoca will bravely fight Sabá’s cruelty in the novel. Photo: Reproduction / Globo

The problem is that, in addition to the funny profile, the character will concentrate the greatest load of ambition in the serial, creating increasingly absurd plans to exploit the resources of Canta Pedra and earn money at the expense of honest workers in the region. To give you an idea, he will even leave school children without lunch.

It will be up to Candoca to fight for the rights of the small village, including access to water, which will be the central point of the whole story, after all a war will be generated by the resource. Social discussions will be very important in Mar do Sertão, and Mayor Sabá Bodó is the biggest obstacle to justice. The mix of emotions will be strong, after all, the character will be divided between the audience’s hatred and laughter.

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