Sandy makes a gaffe at a press conference and defines Pabllo Vittar as trans

Sandy held a press conference this Tuesday (16) to talk about his new project, the EP “We, Voz, Eles 2”, with collaborations with several artists, among them Vanessa Camargo and ludmilla. The information belongs to Who.

At one point in the interview, when asked if she thought about including LGBTQIAP+ artists in the project, such as Pablo Vittar and Gloria GrooveSandy made a gaffe by referring to Pabllo as a transgender person.

“Haven’t I already done it with someone? There’s Ludmilla. She’s LGBTQIAP+, but she’s not trans like Pabllo,” Sandy said, confusing the singer’s gender identity, who is drag but defines himself as cisgender gay – who identifies with the gender assigned at birth.

Sandy also commented on her friendship with Wanessa Camargo, the false feud between the two and the musical partnership on her album.

“The partnership with Wanessa was great news for people. We’ve been friends for a long time, but there’s been this false feud created by the media, by the fans, in the past. It was a good opportunity to show that it doesn’t exist… Before, there was this thing of creating a rivalry between women… It was a super happy meeting. I don’t if it’s not true. It was all so beautiful,” said the singer.

In addition to Wanessa and Ludmilla, “We, Voz, Eles 2” will feature Agnes Nunes, Vitor Kley, OUTROEU and pianist Amaro Freitas. The musical direction of the work is by the musician and singer’s husband, Lucas Lima.

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