see who gets the benefit this Thursday, August 18

Who wins the Gas Valley this Thursday, August 18th? Deposits began to be made on the 9th of this month. know more

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The Auxílio do Vale-Gás is one of the benefits that the federal government offers to vulnerable populations. Until recently, it was paid at the amount of 50% of the average price of cooking gas. However, with the PEC das Bondades, the government managed to increase this payment to 100% of the value of the cylinder. In this way, thousands of people receive a payment of R$ 110, including this month of August.

Who receives the gas voucher on August 18: see calendar

This month, the amount paid for the gas voucher will benefit 5.6 million families. Payments started on the 9th, contrary to what was expected before, when deposits would start together on August 18th. But what about this Thursday, August 18th, who receives it?

First of all, it has to be said that payments happen according to the NIS identification number. Thus, on Thursday (18), people with a final digit of NIS number 8 receive. On Friday, August 19, those with a final NIS number 9 receive the Gas Voucher, and so on. Check the calendar:

  • August 9: End of NIS 1
  • August 10: End of NIS 2
  • August 11: End of NIS 3
  • August 12: End of NIS 4
  • August 15: End of NIS 5
  • August 16: End of NIS 6
  • August 17: End of NIS 7
  • August 18: End of NIS 8
  • August 19th; end of NIS 9
  • August 22: end of NIS 0

Finally, to check the status of your benefit, access the Auxílio Brasil app, Caixa Tem app and Caixa Service. If you prefer, call 111.

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