Serie B: Bahia has the same campaign as in 2010 and 2015 after 25 rounds

Source: Felipe Oliveira / EC Bahia

Bahia reached the mark of 44 points with the disappointing 1-1 draw against Londrina, this past Tuesday (16th). Comparing with the previous editions of Série B played, the Squadron is repeating its best campaign in terms of points.

This is the third time that Tricolor reaches that number of points after 25 rounds played in the second national division.

In 2010 and 2015, the tricolor team had exactly 44 points at that time of the competition, as shown by a survey carried out by the profile. @ecbahianumeros.

Bahia’s Serie B score after 25 games in each edition

  • 2022 – 44
  • 2016 – 36
  • 2015 – 44
  • 2010 – 44
  • 2009 – 30
  • 2008 – 35

2010 campaign after the 25th round

In that same round in the edition 12 years ago, the Esquadrão was defeated by Icasa and lost the chance to take the lead in the championship.

From the 26th round onwards, the tricolor team led by Márcio Araújo only lost twice, gaining access two rounds in advance.

2015 campaign after the 25th round

In the 2015 season, the sequence of the competition was very different for Bahia. The tricolor team was in a good phase and won in the 25th round. But, from the 26th game, the team fell in performance and packed a sequence of matches without winning, culminating in the loss of access.

And in 2022, what will Bahia’s scenario be from now on? Leave your comment!

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