The position of the body affects how quickly a drug works; understand

The position of the body makes a difference in the way the body absorbs a drug, thus impacting the speed of its effect. The statement comes from a study published in the journal Physics of Fluids. To arrive at this, the scientists analyzed what happens to the stomach and its liquid contents when a person is positioned in different ways.

In practice, the team tested four postures: standing, lying on the back, lying on the left side and lying on the right side. The finding is that taking medicine while lying on the right side is by far the best option, as it dissolves the pill in just 10 minutes.

When standing, the body dissolves the pill in 23 minutes, something similar to what happens when lying on your back. However, taking medicine when lying on your left side may seem like a bad idea, as in the experiment, it took up to 100 minutes for the pill to completely dissolve.

Scientists test how the stomach reacts to a drug in different positions (Image: LunaKate/Envato)

As the article indicates, the reason behind this difference lies in the anatomical structure of the stomach and the way the contents move within it. Part of this is also gravity’s “blame”. It turns out that the closer a pill gets to the last part of the stomach, the faster it starts to dissolve.

This part of the stomach is on the right side in most people. So if a person is lying on their left side, the pill may take a little longer to get to that area and the intestines. On the other hand, when the person is lying on the right side, the pill will land in the stomach very close to this “bottom”, which facilitates absorption.

The idea of ​​the study is to help patients in hospital beds, and provide adequate guidance that results in faster absorption of the drug, thanks to the position of the body.

Source: Physics of Fluids via IFL Science

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