“Too big shock…”; Karina Bacchi’s ex, Amaury Nunes opens the game and exposes that he was subpoenaed to give up the adoption of a son


The former football player published an open letter on his social media

Photos: Reproduction/Official Instagram of Amaury Nunes
Photos: Reproduction/Official Instagram of Amaury Nunes

This Wednesday (17), the entrepreneur Amaury Nunes wrote an open letter, published on their social networks. This time, the ex-husband of Karina Bacchi openly commented on her relationship with Enrico Bacchison of the presenter. The two have been constantly arguing on the internet. According to the former player, he would have raised the boy as a son at the time he was married to the actress.

Second Amaury Nunes, today completes four months without seeing her son. “August 17, 2022, today it’s been 4 months since I’ve seen my son. Right at the beginning of our relationship, one of the main virtues I saw in my ex-wife was being a good mother, an amazing, hardworking, courageous mother. .. Anyway, I admired this mela a lot and that was one of the main reasons that made me hug that family from the heart in that special moment, with a newborn son”he wrote.

The former athlete explained that he met the boy when he was 20 days old and already felt close to Enrico. “There, quickly, I felt that not only she, but especially him, needed me”, he followed. the ex-husband of Karina Bacchi said that later he decided to move with the presenter and his son to São Paulo.

Amaury Nunes revealed that he always helped financially in the creation. “He could even put my name as a father in his identity, which currently does not have a father’s name. However, throughout this process we face some obstacles such as the pandemic and a crisis in our relationship. In these almost 5 years, we have always shared practically everything, especially in relation to our children — the bills, the responsibilities, the commitments. When I had to travel for work, she stayed with him. When she needed to travel, I stayed with him, and when I had to go the three of them together”vented.

The businessman concluded by stating that he was always present in the life of Enrico. “During the school adaptation week, when I was 2 years old, I would go one day, she would go another day, I would take her to judo one day, she would take her to swimming the next…”, he reported. In another passage, he says he was subpoenaed to sign a paper giving up the adoption. “It was a big shock for me there”finished.

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