Video catches ‘apocalyptic phenomenon’ during strong sea storm and record goes viral on social networks; watch

A video caught a huge waterspout recently off the coast of the United States and ended up quickly going viral on social media.

The incredible weather event is relatively rare and was captured by residents of the cities of Destin and Henderson, Florida, as detailed by The Sun.

Particularly dangerous if they hit land, bathers and boats are advised to keep away, as are aircraft.

The record shows the water tornado descending from menacing-looking storm clouds.

The National Weather Service in Pensacola noted that the incident took place yesterday, Aug. 16.

The institution warned of more waterspouts in the area after more storms are expected.

Video captures ‘apocalyptic phenomenon’ during strong sea storm and record goes viral on social media

According to the US National Ocean Service (NOAA), the form of ‘fair weather waterspout’ is not associated with storms and is different from ‘tornadic waterspout’ in that it forms on the surface and rises. .

“Weather waterspouts form in light wind conditions, so they typically move very little.”

Also according to the information, despite the name, a waterspout is not filled with rotating water, but with strong winds, although it needs a relatively high water temperature and significant humidity to form.

“If a waterspout moves to shore, the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning as some of them can cause significant damage and injury to people.” Check record:

Text with information from The Sun website

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