WhatsApp will allow you to recover deleted messages; see how

O Whatsapp can release a new role to application users. According to the website specializing in messenger discoveries, WABetaInfo, messages deleted from the conversation can be undone.

The discovery was made in the Beta version of Whatsapp. The function allows that, after deleting the message for everyone or just for himself, the user can undo the action, making the message read normally.

According to the information, when you delete the message and the message “Message deleted” appears, an “undo” button appears next to it, giving the user the option to reverse the situation in the messenger. However, the time to undo the erasure is limited.

So far, there is no information on when the function will be released. It is currently in the testing phase.

Had your WhatsApp account cloned? see how to recover

When your Whatsapp suffers the attempt to be cloned, it is possible that all your information will be accessed. However, one way to avoid possible crimes is to activate two-step confirmation.

In this case, if a criminal tries to clone your messenger account, they will not have access to your messages and other information. That’s because, the Whatsapp is blocked instantly.

Once the extra security code is incorrectly entered in the two-step confirmation, the messenger locks the account for 12 hours. When this occurs, the account owner receives an SMS informing them of what happened.

So, to recover WhatsApp, just wait for the mentioned hours.

Windows 10 update

When upgrading Windows 10, it is possible for the user to lose some personal customizations and files on the desktop. In this sense, it is recommended to postpone the installation of updates and wait until the fault has been corrected.

Email connected to public computer

When accessing your e-mail in a lan house, for example, it is possible that you leave your account open on your computer. In view of this, there is a risk that third parties may access your data in the email. In this case, it is recommended to perform one of the options listed below:

  • Immediately change the account password;
  • Disconnect all active sessions;
  • Enable two-step authentication;
  • Enable login notification.

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