when will the 2nd phase of consultations take place?

The second phase of consultations on “forgotten money” in banks, using the Amounts Receivable, was scheduled for May 2, however, there is still no start date. The resumption of the system was postponed due to the strike by Central Bank servers, which ended up delaying the implementation of the tool in the country.

At the time, the Central Bank reported that “consultations to the Values ​​Receivable System (SVR) are temporarily suspended for improvement”. However, the stoppage of public servants has already ended 40 days ago, and the BC has not yet commented on the resumption of activities. Included in Amounts Receivable are remaining resources of:

  • closed checking or savings accounts, with available balance;
  • fees and installments or obligations related to credit operations unduly charged, provided that the return is provided for in a Term of Commitment signed by the bank with the BC;
  • capital quotas and apportionment of net surpluses of beneficiaries and participants of credit unions;
  • Unsought appeals relating to closed consortium groups.

The institution estimates that there are about R$ 8 billion in values ​​forgotten in banks. However, in the first phase of the service, only R$ 4 billion was available for return.

1st phase of Amounts Receivable

The last chance to carry out the looting of the first phase of forgotten resources was held on April 16th. The recap was related to the values ​​of the first phase of the program. More amounts will be released as you move into the second phase of the program.

Until March 24, around 2.85 million people had requested redemption of their values, whether physical or legal. As a result, the withdrawal amounted to R$ 245.8 million in total.

Among the individuals who requested the return of amounts, more than 2.51 million made the transfer via Pix, totaling a volume of approximately R$ 205.1 million. Approximately 329,000 opted to receive contact information from financial institutions, totaling around R$34.37 million.

With regard to legal entities, more than 5 thousand requested the return of amounts via Pix, transferring the volume of almost R$ 5 million. Among those who chose to receive contact data, the volume handled was approximately R$ 1.33 million for more than a thousand people.

In case you missed the appointment date, BC informs you that there is no reason to worry. This is because there is no risk of losing forgotten values, as they will continue to be kept in financial institutions until you request a return, when consultations with the SVR resume.

2nd phase of the program

Since April 17th, the Values ​​Receivable system has undergone a reformulation. With this, there will be no more need to make an appointment, and it will be possible to request the redemption of resources at the time of your first appointment.

In addition, the System Amounts Receivable will also have the new information passed on by financial institutions. In this way, even those who have already redeemed the resources and did not have amounts to receive in relation to the first step should consult the system again, since the data will be updated and again there may be resources forgotten in the system.

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