With a transparent skirt and a more open neckline, Mel Maia rolls and shows that her butt has grown

The queen of TikTok! Mel Maia, global actress, digital influencer and model, returned to surprise her fans this Thursday afternoon (17) by showing all her good shape, in addition to showing all her skill in choreography.

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“Addicted to this song”, he wrote in the caption of the publication. In the more than flashy video, Mel Maia wears shorts and, on top, she bets on a sheer, sparkly skirt, while rocking the neckline with her black, tight-fitting blouse.

“Without a doubt, one of the hottest on TikTok”, joked a fan in the comments field. “This is elite here, my loves”, pointed out another one, adding passionate emojis.

@melmaiaviciada in this song♬ DESPECHÁ – ROSALÍA

Mel Maia talks about her reaction to being attacked by haters: “Just don’t disrespect my family”

During an interview given to ‘Na Telinha’, Mel Maia opened the game and returned to commenting on the attacks of haters on the internet. According to her, as long as there is no disrespect to her family, she will put up with it.

“Other than that, I might get annoyed, but it passes. Nobody likes everybody. On the Internet there are charges and bonuses. The bad thing is that it’s a no man’s land, that is, people criticize and don’t show their face”, said Mel Maia.

Then, the muse further commented on her dream of playing a villain in the soap operas: “I dream of playing a villain. One that the audience will love and hate at the same time. Like Nazaré, from Senhora do Destino, Carminha herself, from Avenida Brasil”.


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