With a wet butt, Jade Picon gives a dangerous pull on the thong when caught on the beach

Beach and sun day! Jade Picon enjoyed Tuesday (16th) at Barra de Tijuca beach, in Rio de Janeiro, and drove internet users crazy when she was caught in her best shape. The influencer, who is currently living in Cidade Maravilhosa, was successful on social media with the clicks.

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On the occasion, the influencer bet on a zebra print bikini and neon green details. In the records, Jade impressed with her sculptural body after losing around five pounds with her exercise routine and healthy eating.

Recently, the muse of “Travessia” commented on her routine in an interview with Quem and talked about the new weight: “you must have noticed that, since I left the house, I lost five kilos. I didn’t change anything. I just got back to my routine, which is to eat healthier, hold on to sweets and train a lot”.

Jade Picon

Jade Picon enjoys the beach in Barra Da Tijuca (Source: Fabrício Pioyani | AgNews)

Jade Picon explains medical procedure after controversy

How tense! Recently, former BBB Jade Picon explained that she had to undergo a medical procedure after experiencing severe pain. The influencer explained that she was diagnosed with Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) and reported what she did on social media.

“Guys, these stories will only be posted when everything is done, but it’s just to explain that I’m going to be a little off from today to tomorrow”, Jade began through Instagram Stories. The muse explained the medical procedure and reassured netizens.

“I’m going to make an infiltration here to help me with the problem that is generated by stress, in short, it’s been bothering me for a while and I’m very nervous. It’s a very simple thing, like thirty minutes, but I have needle trauma and I don’t like those things. But you have to do it, it’s for my health,” said the muse.

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