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Activity and employment in civil construction grow at the highest rate in the last 10 years, points out the CNI (Image: Pixabay/@joffi)

The activity level index of the construction registered 52.5 points in July, on a monthly basis, indicating expansion of activity. The index of evolution of the number of employees was 51.9 points, also above the dividing line of 50 points, indicating an increase in employment in the sector.

As a result, the indicators show growth at the highest rate of the last 10 years, according to the Construction Industry Surveyof CNI (National Confederation of Industry).

Construction Operating Capacity Utilization (UCO) advanced one percentage point to 68% in July compared to June.

The CNI highlights that it is the highest rate for the UCO for the month of July in eight years. Construction investment intention advanced, reaching the highest level since 2014.

construction confidence

Like the activity, the Entrepreneur Confidence Index (ICEI) of the construction industry also showed growth. The indicator advanced 3.2 points to 60 points in August.

The data shows high and widespread confidence among businessmen. According to the CNI, the increase in the index is due to the improvement in the assessment of civil construction on the economy Brazilian.

In fact, the current conditions index of the Brazilian economy advanced 5.4 points to 52.7 points, crossing the 50-point dividing line. The behavior demonstrates the transition from a perception of a worsening economy in July to an improvement in the economy in August.

Expectations for the sector

In addition, the index of expectations of entrepreneurs in relation to the level of activity in civil construction grew and stood at 61.7 points.

The CNI highlights that the increase in the index shows more optimism regarding the economic scenario in the next six months.

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