After confusion with Bolsonaro, youtuber publishes edited video in which he calls the president ‘tchtchuca do Centrão’ | Policy

Influencer Wilker Leão published this Thursday (18), on YouTube, edited excerpts from the recording he made amid supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro on the way out of Palácio da Alvorada. In the video, he calls Bolsonaro a “tchutchuca do Centrão”.

Leão got into a scuffle with Bolsonaro and presidential guards after taunting the president this morning. The disagreement started when the influencer asked questions about topics such as the change in the award-winning whistleblower rules in 2019.

At first, Bolsonaro did not respond. Leão then called Bolsonaro a “coward”, “vagabundo”, “bastard” and “tchutchuca do Centrão”.

Then Leão is pushed and falls to the ground, but the images do not show who causes the fall. This excerpt was not released by the youtuber.

Film reporter Emerson Soares, from TV Globo, filmed the movement of Bolsonaro supporters and the interaction with Wilker Leão (see the video below, uncut). The recording includes a five-minute conversation between the youtuber and the president, after the confusion – an excerpt that was not published by Leão until the last update of this report.

Youtuber provokes Bolsonaro and causes confusion in Brasilia

Youtuber provokes Bolsonaro and causes confusion in Brasilia

The video edited by the youtuber shows the beginning of the push-push and then a second moment in which Leão returns to interact with Bolsonaro.

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The g1 sought out the Institutional Security Office (GSI) and the Social Communication Secretariat (Secom) and sent messages on Leão’s social networks, but did not get a response from them until the last update of this report.

The version published by Wilker Leão on the social network begins before Jair Bolsonaro’s convoy arrives. “It looks like he [Bolsonaro] will stop by today, can we talk to the ‘myth’? Let’s see if he answers my questions here”, says Leão.

At this moment, the youtuber is surrounded by supporters of the president – ​​it is common for groups to gather at the door of Alvorada to take a selfie or make requests to Bolsonaro. Some supporters of Bolsonaro even question the presence of Leão in the place.

The edited video also shows the moment Leão starts shouting questions about politics at Bolsonaro, while Bolsonaro supporters and candidates try to record selfies and videos with the president.

After the moment of the fall – when the video is cut again – Leão approaches Bolsonaro again and asks what the president thinks of the “violence” he was subjected to.

“Hey, president, what do you think about this violence with me here? They just took me down, oh Bolsonaro. What do you think about the people taking me down?”, he asks. Bolsonaro looks at Leão, but does not respond.

Then, one of the men of the presidential guard asks Leão about the “thief Lula” – in reference to former president Lula, Bolsonaro’s opponent in this year’s elections. “Lula is a thief too, but this one is doing everything the PT does”, replies Leão.

In the images made by the youtuber, in a closer angle, it is possible to see that the author of the question is Army colonel and special advisor to the Presidency of the Republic Sérgio Rocha Cordeiro. The name “Sérgio Cordeiro” is embroidered on the vest that identifies the presidential guard.

Bolsonaro got into the official car to go on with his electoral campaign agenda, but, with the increase in cursing, he ended up getting out of the vehicle and heading towards Leão. The president said he wanted to talk to the youtuber and tried to take his cell phone, but ended up pulling the man by the collar of his shirt, then on his arm.

Amid the confusion, the president’s security guards took Leão away from Bolsonaro. After the episode, Bolsonaro talked to him for a few minutes. Among other topics, the two discussed changes in the law on plea bargaining, secret budget, tax reform, possession of weapons and alliance with Centrão parties.

“I need to get things passed in Parliament, right? If it’s to approve alone, I’m a dictator. Close everything, close the Supreme, close Congress, close everything and I’ll solve things myself. I have to have the support of Parliament. The centrist parties are almost 300 of the 513 parliamentarians. How am I going to pass a simple bill dispensing 300 votes?” Bolsonaro said.

“I can’t be a 100% president. It will displease one or the other in something, it will displease,” Bolsonaro said.

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