Brazilian eliminated from American ‘Big Brother’ assumes in reality that she has a love, and he is from Minas Gerais | TV & Famous

Indy Santos, the Brazil’s first representative in the American “Big Brother”withdrew from the dispute for the prize of U$ 750 thousand dollars (almost R$ 4 million) of the reality. In her elimination speech, the Brazilian ended up revealing that she has a love out here. His name is Henrique and he is from Minas Gerais.

Indy chose to say that she was single, because the two met a few months ago, through friends who live in Los Angeles, before she joined the show.

With the summons, they were to meet again when she left to talk about the long-distance relationship, since Henrique lives in Brazil and she has been in the United States for 9 years.

Indy Santos was eliminated from the American ‘Big Brother’ — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The blonde was nominated for the wall for the second time, the last time by the hands of the leader Taylor. She received the highest number of votes in the house and came out dressed as a rocker because of the angel test.

As he is already part of the “Top 10” of the reality show, Indy does not return to his house. She will be the first member of the “Casa do Juri”, the subgroup that will choose the winner of the program.

In previous editions, there was a repechage in this group and, if it happens again, she has a chance to return to reality. The Brazilian remains in the attraction until the 25th of September, when the grand final takes place.

Brazilian revealed in the American ‘Big Brother’ that she has a love outside reality — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Learn more about Indy Santos here; Brazilian has been a cleaning lady, a nanny for artists like Tom Cavalcante and a stewardess for Hollywood stars.

Meet Indy Santos, a 31-year-old Brazilian who was cast in ‘Big Brother USA’ — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Brazilian Indy Santos in the American ‘Big Brother’ — Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

Indy Santos moved to the United States in 2013, at the age of 22 — Photo: Disclosure

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