Ceará has 29 confirmed cases and more than 350 notifications

Monkeypox: Ceará has 29 confirmed cases and more than 350 notifications. The data are being presented this Friday morning, 19, by the Ceará Health Department (Sesa). The municipalities that already have confirmation of the disease are: Fortaleza (25), Caucaia (1), Jijoca de Jericoacoara (1), Russas (1) and Sobral (1). In Brazil, there are 3,400 confirmed cases.

The data also show that 155 cases have already been discarded and 174 are still under investigation.

The cases that were reported in Jati, from an entire family – including children, were ruled out.

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According to the executive secretary of Health Surveillance, Sarah Mendes, the most affected age group is composed of young adults, between 30 and 39 years old. The age groups that register confirmations and notifications are between 18 and 43 years old. The secretary points out that Sesa develops a communication channel between the population and health professionals to obtain information about the disease.

The monitoring and control actions carried out by the State and Municipal Health Surveillance include 10 initiatives:

-From today, the 19th, the disease scenario panel is available on IntegraSUS

-Contingency Plan will be published today, determining what each area, not just Health, needs to do in the face of a suspected case

-Special Operations Committee (COE), formed by several sectors that will meet weekly to define prevention and control actions and strategies. Should be operational next week

-Telehealth: channel through which any health professional in a unit can ask questions with a specialist doctor about the identification of suspected cases

-Cievs Duty (Center for Strategic Information on Health Surveillance):

-Weekly newsletter

-Webinars on sample collection and case surveillance, held fortnightly

-Exam results in Digital Health

– Articulation with the Pan American Health Organization for contact tracing

-Conducting courses by the School of Public Health of Ceará

With information from reporter Ana Rute Ramires

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