Check out the units that will be open this Saturday in Curitiba for multivaccination

The City of Curitiba will open 19 health units, from 9 am to 5 pm, this Saturday (20), for a new D-Day of Multivaccination. Children, adolescents, adults and the elderly will have one more opportunity to update their vaccination records.

The action of the Municipal Health Department (SMS) accompanies the National Vaccination Campaign against Poliomyelitis and Multivaccination, of the Ministry of Health, to expand vaccination coverage, ensuring that diseases such as polio and measles do not circulate in the country again.

D-Day of Multivaccination.

“We ask, once again, that Curitibans participate in this D-Day. It is urgent to recover vaccination coverage throughout the country, preventing us from witnessing the damage that these diseases can cause. Vaccination is health, it is life”, says the municipal secretary of Health, Beatriz Battistella.

See below the list of the 19 units that will be open for the D-Day of Multivaccination. The addresses are also available on the Imuniza Já Curitiba website.

Vaccines available

routine vaccines – BCG, hepatitis B, pentavalent, VIP/VOP (polio), rotavirus, meningo C, yellow fever, MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), tetraviral (measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox), chickenpox, hepatitis A, dual adult, HPV, adult dTpa, pneumo 10, pneumo 23 (elective), meningus ACWY and DTP (triple bacterial), applied as recommended by the National Vaccination Calendar.
Influenza (influenza) vaccine – available for people over 6 months of age who have not yet received this dose in 2022.
Vaccine against covid-19 – continuous recap for all audiences already summoned, both for the first and second doses and for booster doses. Check this link for all the groups for which the anti-covid vaccine is available and ask questions about booster doses.
It is possible to receive more than one vaccine that is pending on the same day, including the anti-covid vaccine.

Third edition

This is the third D-Day SMS has done in a 70-day period. In the first (11/6), 19 thousand doses were applied; in the second (7/23), there were 15.2 thousand applications.

The D-Day editions are carried out in the wake of the Curitiba City Hall’s “Quem Ama, Vacina” publicity campaign, which reinforces the importance of vaccination.

In addition to the D-Day of Multivaccination this Saturday (20/8), next week (22 to 26/8), SMS will extend the time of multivaccination until 21:00 in five health units. More Informations soon.

All D-Day vaccines are also offered continuously at the 107 Health Units (check locations and times on the Imuniza Já Curitiba website).


Following the national campaign, Curitiba reinforces the need to increase vaccination coverage against polio. Although Brazil has not recorded cases of the disease since 1989, the virus continues to be present in other countries, increasing the need for preventive measures.

In July, a case of the disease was confirmed in New York (USA) and, this month, the virus was detected in sewers in New York and London (England).

Poliomyelitis is an acute infectious disease caused by the poliovirus and has no specific treatment. The main tool to prevent the disease is vaccination.

Who should be vaccinated: the target audience for the campaign is all children under 5 years of age. Babies under 1 year old will be immunized according to the vaccination status found for the primary schedule. Children aged 1 to 4 years should be taken to receive a dose of the Oral Poliomyelitis Vaccine (VOP – the “droplet”), provided that they have already received the three doses of the basic regimen.


Like polio, measles also has no specific treatment. As it is a highly contagious disease, vaccination is the most effective way to prevent morbillivirus.

This year, 41 cases of measles have already been registered in Brazil, in the states of Amapá, Pará, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (neighbor of Paraná), reinforcing the alert for preventive actions.

In addition to vaccinating children, it is important that the young adult population is immunized against this disease, helping to reduce the risk of the virus circulating.

Who should be vaccinated: The vaccination schedule provides for two doses of measles vaccine: a dose at 12 months of age of the MMR (VTV – which protects against measles, mumps and rubella) and a dose of the tetra viral or SCRV (against measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox) at 15 months.
Adolescents and adults under the age of 30 must have taken two doses of VTV or SRC in their lifetime. In Curitiba, SMS calls for vaccination against measles, all people under 30 years old and who received the second dose ten years ago or more. These people will receive an extra dose of the immunizer, strengthening the barrier of protection against the virus.
Adults 30 to 59 years old need to have taken at least one dose of VTV after 1 year of age. Those who did not complete this vaccination schedule as a child, need to update their vaccination record.

Check pending vaccines

To check for pending vaccines, simply access the Saúde Já Curitiba App (website or smartphone) and click on the “Vaccination Card” option and choose the “Pending” tab, which will show the doses of the national vaccination calendar overdue.

Multivaccination on D-Day 8/20 (Saturday)

From 9 am to 5 pm
Check the addresses of the places also on the website Imuniza Já Curitiba

Bairro Novo Sanitary District
Parigot de Souza Health Unit
Rua João Eloy de Souza, 111 – Sítio Cercado

Our Lady of Aparecida Health Unit
Rua Carlos Amoretty Osório, 169 – Sítio Cercado

Boa Vista Health District
Bacacheri Health Unit
Avenida Erasto Gaertner, 797 – Bacacheri

Abranches Health Unit
Rua Aldo Pinheiro, 60 – Abranches

Boqueirão Health District
Visitation Health Unit
3136 Bley Zorning Street – Boqueirão

Hauer Health Unit
Rua Waldemar Kost, 650 – Hauer

Cajuru Sanitary District
Salgado Filho Health Unit
Avenida Senador Salgado Filho, 5265 Uberaba

Iracema Health Unit
Rua Professor Nivaldo Braga, 1571 – Capão da Imbuia

CIC Sanitary District
Cândido Portinari Health Unit
Rua Durval Leopoldo Landal, 1529 – Industrial City

Oswaldo Cruz Health Unit
Rua Pedro Gusso, 3749 – Industrial City

Main Health District
Mother Curitiba Health Unit
Rua Jaime Reis, 331 – Alto do São Francisco

Pinheirinho Sanitary District
Aurora Health Unit
Rua Theofhilo Mansur, 500 – New World

Ipiranga Health Unit
Rua Santa Regina, 667 – Capão Raso

Porta Sanitary District
Santa Amelia Health Unit
Rua Berta Klemtz, 215 – Fazendinha

Vila Guaira Health Unit
Rua São Paulo, 1495 – Vila Guaira

Santa Felicidade Sanitary District
New Orleans Health Unit
Avenida Vereador Toaldo Tulio, 4577 – Orleans

Pinheiros Health Unit
Rua Joanna Emma Dalpozzo Zardo, 370 – Santa Felicidade

Tatuquara Sanitary District
Health Unit Houses of the Order
Rua Jovenilson Americo de Oliveira, 240 – Tatuquara

Rio Bonito Health Unit
R. Fanny Bertoldi, 170 – Campo de Santana

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