Daughter of Silvio Santos is right? Who Globo already ‘stole’ from SBT – 08/19/2022

SBT, a broadcaster commanded by Silvio Santos, turns 41 today. And this week, a joke made by Daniela Beyruti, one of the presenter’s daughters, had repercussions. According to her, Globo wants to ‘be SBT’. The speech, in a mocking tone, came after Lívia Andrade was hired by the competing broadcaster.

Does Globo really like to imitate competitors by ‘stealing’ their stars? And do you pay special attention to Silvio Santos’ broadcaster?

The fact is that, at least seven times, Globo took aim at SBT and hired some of its greatest talents, sometimes with tempting proposals to ‘attack’ the opponent. Names coming from Silvio Santos’ station, such as Jô Soares, Angélica and Serginho Groisman, made history at Globo.

Lívia Andrade

Presenter, actress and model, Lívia Andrade has been in the artistic life since she was 13, when she participated in advertising campaigns. But without a doubt it was on SBT that her name gained national prominence in the participation of “Jogo dos Pontinhos”, with Silvio Santos.

Lívia was on the show since 2008, but now she will go to Globo, where she will be part of the team of evaluators of the new season of Acredita em Quem Quiser, within “Domingão com Huck”.

The change of station was celebrated by the presenter on social networks: “When will I return to TV??? Now I can answer, back on Sunday, a very special day for me. But now it’s Sunday with Huck, on Globo” .

Larissa Manoela

Larissa Manoela - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram
Image: Playback/Instagram

After her success in the soap opera “Carrossel”, on SBT, Larissa Manoela became Silvio Santos’ darling and was often seen on the station’s programs.

According to the actress, she was already probed by Globo when she was still on SBT, but she did not change stations until the end of her contract. She was even offered a proposal to have her own show, but Larissa already had plans to pursue her acting career.

With that, Larissa didn’t think twice and accepted to move to the carioca station, where she is the protagonist with the characters Isadora and Elisa in “Além da Illusion”.

Jo Soares

Jo Soares - Disclosure / Ramon Vasconcelos / TV Globo - Disclosure / Ramon Vasconcelos / TV Globo
Image: Publication/ Ramon Vasconcelos/ TV Globo

The comedian, actor and presenter, who died on August 5, became known in recent years for “Programa do Jô”, on TV Globo, but the success in the ‘talk show’ format came before: on SBT.

On the São Paulo station, Jô spent 11 years presenting “Jô Soares Onze e Meia”, in which he conducted almost seven thousand interviews, including chats with Ayrton Senna, Cazuza, Raul Seixas, Roberto Carlos and Hebe Camargo.

In 1999, however, Globo went through a period in which it saw its competitors growing in audience and decided to go to the market by hiring the stars of Band, Record and SBT. From Silvio Santos’ station, the Marinho took Jô and Serginho Groisman.

During “Hoje em Dia” on August 5, presenter Keila Jimenez said that Jô wrote a letter of gratitude to Sílvio Santos, before returning to Globo, where he had already worked in the 1980s.

“He had written a letter asking Sílvio Santos for forgiveness for leaving SBT and explaining his reasons. It was a very beautiful letter, saying of the gratitude he had for Sílvio because Sílvio was the person who believed in Jô presenter”, said the presenter.


Angelica - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram
Image: Playback/Instagram

After leaving Manchete in the midst of a crisis at the station, Angélica signed a contract with Silvio Santos in 1992 as a Brazilian TV star. On SBT, she solidified herself as a darling of the children’s audience with Casa da Angélica, but she also made other programs on the station, such as “Passa ou Repassa” and “TV Animal”.

During the period in which she was on SBT, she had ample space and gave good returns to the broadcaster, drawing more and more attention from Globo, which had already probed the presenter since the days of Manchete.

In the midst of so many polls, Silvio Santos even covered the competitor’s proposal and intended to launch it in a program on Sundays, but, in May 1996, the blonde finally accepted Globo’s invitation when she received the promise to occupy the mornings of the channel.


Maisa - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram
Image: Playback/Instagram

A success since childhood, Maisa spent almost her entire life (literally) working at SBT, where she was successful presenting children’s programs, such as “Sábado Animado” and “Bom Dia e Cia”.

He also participated in the “Silvio Santos Program”, when he played with the presenter, and even played the character Valéria Ferreira in the soap opera “Carrossel”.

In 2019, he won the “Programa da Maisa” from Silvio Santos, which was on the air until the announcement of the presenter’s departure, in October 2020, when he decided not to renew his contract with SBT due to new personal and professional projects.

It didn’t take long and TV Globo began to probe the young presenter and, in 2020, Maisa began to make appearances in “Altas Horas” and “Caldeirão”, presented by Marcos Mion.

The expectation is that Maisa’s new program on TV Globo will be announced soon and should be a new ‘Video Show’, which will air in 2023.

Maurício Manfrini – Paulinho Gogó

Paulinho Gogó - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

The actor left SBT in 2020, after a long period of work in which he had to reconcile recordings at the station and other projects, such as films and streaming.

He spent almost 17 years working at SBT, where he grew up as a comedian playing the character Paulinho Gogó, in “Praça é Nossa”, with Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega. The exit was even considered very difficult and full of tears on both sides.

Shortly after leaving SBT, Manfrini had a participation in “Domingão do Faustão”, on TV Globo, and later incarnated the character Bebeto do Vidigal in the series “Vai que Cola” by Multishow, which belongs to Grupo Globo.

Serginho Groisman

Serginho Groisman talks about the success of "High hours"now starting earlier at Globo - Reproduction/TV Globo - Reproduction/TV Globo
Image: Reproduction/TV Globo

In the Brazilian Television System, Serginho made history in the 90’s for the “Free Program”. The format was similar to that of “Matéria Prima”, on TV Cultura (where he previously worked) and “Altas Horas”, which he currently presents on TV Globo.

In Silvio Santos’ TV, Programa Livre had eight years of success under the command of Serginho, who started to be probed by TV Globo for new projects. The owner of SBT made several counter-proposals to the presenter, but there was no way around it.

Even without knowing for sure what he would do at the Marinhos station, in 1999 the presenter decided to accept the proposal at a time when Globo was hiring several stars from the competitors, such as Luciano Huck, Ana Maria Braga and Jô Soares.

He debuted presenting the Festival da Música Popular Brasileira, but in 2000 he began to lead the “Altas Horas”, where he is until today.

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