Doctor talks about Clarice’s health in ‘Cara e Coragem’: ‘There is a thread of hope’ | come around

As Gshow saw firsthand, the businesswoman, who everyone thought was murdered, is in a coma and faked her own death, with the help of her secretary Luana (Gabriela Loran).

“What a great madness you created, huh, Clarice!”, says the secretary.

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, the doctor who takes care of Clarice (Taís Araujo) gives Luana (Gabriela Loran) news about the patient’s health condition — Photo: TV Globo/Paulo Belote

And the doctor who takes care of the businesswoman gives Luana news and feeds Clarice’s hopes of waking up.

“No significant improvement. The picture remains stable, but there is a ray of hope.”

In the next chapters of the 7 o’clock soap opera, Luana recalls the last conversation she had with Clarice and how the businesswoman was feeling threatened.

The SG director gives instructions to the secretary on how she is going to play dead and escape true death.

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, Luana (Gabriela Loran) recalls the last conversation she had with Clarice (Taís Araujo) — Photo: TV Globo/Paulo Belote

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Summary of 'Cara e Courage': Chapters from August 22 to 27

Summary of ‘Cara e Courage’: Chapters from August 22 to 27

Behind the scenes of the soap opera, the soap opera team joked about Clarice’s return. Watch!

The sequence begins to air this Monday, 22/8, in Cara e Coragem.

22 Aug


Leonardo faints in the cemetery, and Anita asks the officials for help. Pat confesses to Moa. Alfredo comments to Joca that he is getting involved with a woman. Regina opens the safe with the help of Kaká Bezerra. Jessica tries to convince Anita to give up going to the police. Lou watches Rico with Marcia and remembers the kiss they shared. Lucas pressures Jessica to find out about her history with Duarte. Ítalo catches Kaká in the intelligence room at and puts pressure on the stuntman. Moa breaks up with Andréa, who pretends not to care about the end of the relationship. Rebeca asks to talk to Moa about Danilo. Regina finds Leonardo disoriented on the beach.

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