Does a natural anabolic exist? 6 foods with this effect


There are different types of substances that help accelerate gym results and promise to improve hormonal balance, such as steroids. However, these products can cause different health side effects. The most common are acne, hair loss, increased blood pressure, behavioral changes and disturbance in organ function. Therefore, the inclusion of natural anabolic steroids in the diet can be an excellent alternative.

The nutritionist and professor at Faculdade Anhanguera, Liliany Faicari, explains that some foods contribute to the construction of muscle tissues naturally and increase lean mass. “When we combine the practice of physical activities with a balanced diet, rich in nutrients, our body responds with muscle progression and reduction in the percentage of fat”, she says.

The accompaniment of a nutritionist is essential for the preparation of a personalized menu, for each type of body and routine. “Some people need more carbohydrates for hypertrophy, others must concentrate the amount of protein in meals and only a qualified specialist will identify these needs responsibly”, she comments.

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Natural anabolic options

The Anhanguera teacher indicates the main foods for an anabolic and natural routine:

Eggs. Egg recipes are always easy to prepare. According to the nutritionist, the protein concentration in egg whites varies on average from 6 to 7 grams per unit. In addition, the food is complete with macronutrients and has carbohydrates and fats in its yolk.

Oat. Oatmeal is an ingredient well received by the taste buds of most Brazilians and helps in the functioning of the gastrointestinal system, as the specialist explains. “Protein food is indicated for people with celiac disease, as it is a gluten-free meal,” she adds.

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Sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin B, ideal for building muscle mass, as well as bringing the feeling of satiety. “The other tubers are also recommended for a complete diet and allow diversification in the daily menu”, comments Liliany.

fruits. “Since fruits have low energy density, we can consume them consumed in large quantities”, reassures the professional. The varieties are rich in minerals, vitamins and high quality fats.

Olive oil. Vegetable oil is capable of increasing testosterone levels in the body and can correct the breakdown of macronutrients in the body, explains the professor. “Because it is an aromatic food, it adds flavor to meals”, she adds.

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Red meat. “For people who don’t follow a vegetarian diet, including meat on the menu is a solution to increasing creatine in the body, which helps with muscle tone. Food is also a source of iron and fights anemia”, he concludes.

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