Does Anitta’s departure from the board have anything to do with this?

Last Tuesday, the 16th, the Nubank exceeded market expectations and presented growth according to its balance sheet for the second quarter of 2022. The share of the digital bank rose 25.21% in the United States and 26.14% in Brazil. The news comes shortly after the announcement of the departure of the singer Anitta from the Board of Directors of the company.

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In a statement, the fintech explained that the popstar will continue as an ambassador or advertising girl for the brand. When it was announced that he would join the team responsible for the bank’s main decisions, many people criticized the announcement, claiming that it would hamper Nubank’s performance.

Now, in light of recent events, according to market experts, associating Anitta’s departure with the bank’s growth may be a mistake, as Nubank is known for always presenting good numbers in relation to its growth.


In practice, making a profit was never a problem for Nubank. The company recently reported earnings of $17 million. That is, the fintech it is very easy to expand its customer base and monetize its portfolio.

The customer base also increased, reaching a total of 65.3 million, including bases in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.

The bank’s biggest challenge, in practice, is to deliver enough profit to provide a future appreciation as well as justify the price of the paper in the so-called IPO, which is the Initial Offering of Shares. This may perhaps be one of the most challenging issues to be faced by digital banking.

Nubank Challenges

Although Nubank has reported good numbers, analysts still believe that the company must face major challenges to become more attractive compared to other banks in the market. Therefore, the recommendation is to exercise caution before investing.

For Avenue Securities chief strategist William Castro Alves, even though Nubank is a digital bank, the fintech it is still in the growing technology stock segment, where the forecasted profit projection is in the long term.

Thus, anyone who is going to invest in Nubank should keep in mind that the shares can be very volatile, especially in the current economic period, when interest rates in the United States are quite high.

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