Former goalkeeper Emerson comes out as gay and says ‘fame’ damaged his career

Former goalkeeper Emerson, who had stints at Grêmio, Flamengo, Juventude, Bahia, among others, came out as gay and said that the “fame” of being homosexual damaged his football career.

“I stopped playing when I was 35, I went all the way, I played for several clubs. I know that fame has taken a toll on me. I could have been much more successful. I could have done much more than I did, I could have achieved much more I believe it is very positive (the career), mainly because I managed to face it all, to have survived until the end. The fact of being gay didn’t stop me, I went to the end. But I know of managers who didn’t hire me because I’m gay,” he told the “In the Dressing Room” podcast.

Of course, there are gays in football, and many choose to marry. In this way, they protect themselves, they fit into a standard that is accepted. They protect themselves from the suspicion of being homosexual and then manage to survive. But normally, when you do that, you end up leading an unhappy life, making the other person unhappy. I chose not to marry. I chose not to deceive anyone, to face everything alone. Maybe that’s where the fame came from, the comments, because I never got married. Emerson, former goalkeeper

“My personal life, every time I defended, every time I stood out more on the field, the empty hole also increased inversely. The more famous I became, the more difficult it became to be gay within that environment,” he said. .

Emerson also stated that he thought about giving up his career as a professional po player. The former goalkeeper was afraid they would find out he is gay.

“I suffered a lot. Several times I thought about giving up. I had depression, mainly because of loneliness. I had no one to share it with and it was a very big weight on my back. And at the same time I needed to deliver performance, because in football, if you don’t deliver performance, if you don’t play well, you lose your position, you lose contracts.”

Emerson now dreams that other gay athletes will not give up on football and seeks to be an example for these players.

“It is possible to be gay, an idol and win titles. You can be a talented player. You can succeed in football. I fulfilled my obligations with dignity. I was professional and delivered performance, this ends up motivating me to leave a legacy off the field as well. Talking about the subject, shedding light on the subject will, for sure, first, break a little this silence that exists, because there has always been gay in football. , said.

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