Gabriel Monteiro has his mandate revoked by the Chamber of Rio de Janeiro; see how the vote went

By 48 votes to two — and one absence, Gabriel Monteiro had his Rio councilor mandate revoked. The decision on the future of the former PM and youtuber was taken this Thursday at the Rio de Janeiro City Council. Third most voted parliamentarian in the last elections, he has accumulated controversy over the years, such as forged productions of videos involving people who did not know they were being filmed and allegations of harassment and rape. Follow the backstage of the session in real time.

Of the 51 councilors, only Gabriel Monteiro and Chagas Bola (União Brasil) voted against the impeachment. Carlos Bolsonaro (PL) took leave of office on August 2 to take care of social media for his father, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who is a candidate for reelection.

Gabriel Monteiro's impeachment voting panel
Gabriel Monteiro’s impeachment voting panel

The PSOL should trigger the Regional Electoral Court (TRE) this Friday asking for the challenge of Gabriel Monteiro’s candidacy for federal deputy.

— Anyone who behaves barbaric and uncivilized must be banned. The registration of the federal candidacy has to be questioned. It is inconsistency to be able to apply. The girl who did the recording sent a full audio. And Gabriel tried to blame the victim. But who has to evaluate now is the Electoral Justice – said the rapporteur of the process Chico Alencar (PSOL).

For Alexandre Isquierdo, president of the Ethics Council of the Chamber of Rio de Janeiro, the decision was impartial:

—The Chamber as an institution is strengthened. There was no corporatism. We were cohesive and impartial. The result of 48 to 2 itself shows this. Ideological issues were left aside. There were two cassation processes in two years. And the House today brought an answer to the whole of society. Each councilor had the chance to express their vote with conscience and responsibility – said Isquierdo, recalling the process of Jairinho, impeached in 2021.

Video is one of the controversies: Child helped by Gabriel Monteiro had had lunch and was not selling candy, contrary to what the councilor said

Parliamentarian defense: Councilman and lawyers continue to blame the alleged ‘Trailer Mafia’ for the attacks against Gabriel Monteiro

Gabriel’s fame on social media catapulted him from the Military Police, where he had a long record marked by indiscipline for politics. Former member of the right-wing group Movimento Brasil Livre (MBL) with which he broke up because of the exaggerations he committed as you tuber, he was the third most voted councilor in Rio in 2020 by the PSD, with 60,326 votes, behind only Carlos Bolsonaro. (Republicans) with 71 thousand votes and Tarcísio Motta (PSOL), with 86,243.

As he had been in the PM for less than ten years, Gabriel Monteiro had to resign from the corporation to assume the position. In less than four years in the force, Gabriel committed 16 disciplinary offenses. For 14 of them, the soldier received, in total, penalties that add up to 33 days of detention. In two other cases, he was punished with reprimand. Because of the transgressions, he was classified as a PM with “misbehavior”, the worst of the five classifications in the corporation’s statute. He was fired from the corporation, but managed to be reinstated in court.

The soldier was even punished twice for facts that occurred at the Center for Training and Improvement of Squares (CFAP), when he was still a student at the Military Police and was far from famous for the controversies on the internet. In his first punishment, in August 2016, he was accused of failing to comply with an officer’s order and served two days in detention. Also according to his disciplinary record, on two other occasions – in March 2018 and in January 2019 –, when he was already a soldier, the youtuber was caught carrying a police weapon without being on duty and without authorization.

Penalties for missing work

He was also punished eight times for missing work. In half of the cases, he had been assigned to join the sieges of Favela da Rocinha.

Among the confusions that got involved, one of them happened in 2019, when he was still PM and invaded and was expelled precisely from the Rio City Council because he wanted to protest against an event organized by Tarcísio Motta (PSOL) in honor of China.

In March 2020, Monteiro published a video in which he approached Colonel Íbis Souza and asked questions about his participation in an event inside the Complexo da Maré, in the North Zone of Rio. In the production, he insinuated that the officer would have involvement with the traffickers in Maré. Íbis was in the community to give a lecture. Due to the episode, the politician was ordered to compensate the colonel in 40 minimum wages for moral damages.

Closing arguments: Gabriel Monteiro’s defense says that the politician’s actions only ennoble councilors

Under the pretext that in the prerogative of inspecting the operating conditions of public facilities, he began to enter hospitals, shelters, among others, surrounded by advisors with cell phones, producing images for his monetized videos on social networks. He clashed with doctors, nurses and other technicians. In one of the cases, he was sentenced to pay R$20,000 for accusing a doctor from Magalhães Bastos’ UPA on social media of having left his shift to have sex with a nurse in the dormitories. The doctor was on break time.

Gabriel also broke into a shelter for children and teenagers during the night. Councilwoman Laura Carneiro, then secretary of Social Development, who did not want to allow the youtuber to enter at night, was followed for almost a month by one of Gabriel’s advisors, who wanted to catch her in some uncomfortable situation. At the Ethics Council, one of the former members of the team, revealed that Gabriel maintained a structure just to try to accumulate evidence against political enemies. And he had among his ambitions, to prepare a video in which a colleague from the Chamber was caught in a situation that indicated that he was receiving bribes.

Because of Gabriel Monteiro, Mayor Eduardo Paes even passed rules restricting the access of councilors to offices. But he retreated under pressure from other councilors, including the allied base, since one of the constitutional prerogatives of the legislature is to supervise the Executive. Gabriel monetized these videos in public agencies. Former advisors estimated that he would earn at least R$300,000 a month from the productions. To the Ethics Council, he estimated that it would only be half of that.

‘spotted chicken’

At the beginning of the year, the councilor got involved in yet another confusion when accusing a businessman of trying to bribe him for not inspecting the premises of the company that provided towing and vehicle storage services for the city hall. Soon after, a report from “Fantástico” showed the report with testimonies from former employees who accused him of manipulating videos, including with minors, and from women who accused the councilor of rape and sexual abuse.

Days later, videos began to circulate on social networks in which Gabriel appears having sex with several women. One of them with a 15-year-old teenager who visited Gabriel’s house for ten months and was welcomed to the sound of the children’s soundtrack ”A Galinha Pintadinha”. Gabriel claims that he believed the girl was 18 years old, but the Child and Adolescent Statute (ECA) considers it a crime to film sexual relations with minors.

‘Everything came out of Gabriel’s head’says former advisor on ‘social experiments’ without scientific basis

Amidst the Ethics Council’s investigations, the Rio Chamber passed a resolution that affected Gabriel’s extra income. He can no longer monetize videos that are related to his parliamentary activity nor use the structure of the Rio Chamber for that.

Basically, the accusations against Gabriel Gabriel include the fact of exposing minors in sensitive situations and identifying them on social networks, a practice prohibited by the Statute of Children and Adolescents (ECA). The same thesis applies to another video in which Gabriel guides a twelve-year-old child on how to proceed with the family receiving cash donations.

Another issue is the fact that the councilor filmed sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old girl, which is also a crime by the ECA. In addition, the complaint of aggression against a homeless person by a security guard during the production of a video in Lapa is against the councilor.

Currently, Gabriel is in the PL. Even if he loses his mandate, he can run for federal deputy because of the current rules of electoral legislation. This year, he launched his sister, Daniela Monteiro, into politics, who will try to get a seat at Alerj.

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