Globo takes action and William Bonner receives veto in JN

Despite the appeal of some netizens, the editor-in-chief of JN did not say “chutchtuca do centrão” during a report on President Jair Bolsonaro.

Moments before editing the National Journal to air last Thursday, 18, on Globea great expectation was created on social networks due to the possibility of William Bonner repeat the words of Youtuber Wilker Leão, who called the president Jair Bolsonaro of “central chutchtuca”.

However, when reporting the case, Jornal Nacional only repeated the youtuber’s words during the article and the argument involving the President of the Republic was treated as a “incident”.

President Jair Bolsonaro was involved in an incident today with a right-wing blogger, while talking to supporters in Brasilia”, started Bonner, during the live.

Following, the anchor himself continued narrating the events while the video of the discussion was shown on Globo: “Earlier today, President Jair Bolsonaro stopped to take pictures with some followers, when blogger Wilker Leão approached to ask the president questions”, reproduced Bonner.

However, Globo’s management vetoed William Bonner from repeating the words “chutchtuca do centrão”, said by Wilker. The speech made Jair Bolsonaro extremely angry, the head of state even tried to take the youtuber’s cell phone and even grabbed the boy by the shirt collar.

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The blogger started to provoke the president”, narrated Bonner while it was possible to hear Wilker’s lines: “Answer me and stop being a coward. You coward. I want to see if you’re brave enough to come out and talk to me. Chutchtuca from the center, you are chutchtchuca from the center”.

Jornal Nacional shows the moment Bolsonaro argued with a Youtuber- Photo: Reproduction/Globo
Jornal Nacional showed the moment Bolsonaro argued with a Youtuber- Photo: Reproduction/Globo

As he got out of the car, Bolsonaro approached him for a conversation and tried to take his cell phone. Security separated the two. When tempers calmed down, Bolsonaro and the Youtuber chatted for a few minutes without further incidents.“, added the editor-in-chief of JN.

On social networks, viewers of Globo’s main newspaper regretted the fact that Bonner did not repeat the phrase said by the blogger.

I was waiting for Bonner to say: open quotes, chutchuca from the center, close quotes. Disappointment,” wrote one Twitter user. “I confess that I wanted to see Bonner speak Tchutchuca do Centrão”, lamented a second internet user.

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