Gretchen’s husband appears unrecognizable before plastic surgery: “I chose to be handsome”

Gretchen’s husband appears unrecognizable as he rescues photo taken before hair transplant, HD liposuction and facial harmonization

On the morning of this Friday (19), the businessman Ezra de Souza surprised followers by rescuing an old click from when he had not yet had surgical interventions on the body.

The singer’s husband Gretchen appeared unrecognizable on the record and took the moment to vent about his self-esteem – which is now his priority.

I have never, at any time in my life, been happy as I was. As I was, it never was and would never be synonymous with health. As I was, it only brought me bad nights, aesthetic (in every sense) psychological frustrations and a lot of bad mood.“, he began.

Now, after performing HD liposuction, hair transplantation and even facial harmonization, the boy has shown that he is finally happy with himself. “Glad I’m not what I used to be. I chose to be happy and beautiful, and never be who I used to be.“, he added.

The fans, of course, were all praise. “You are handsome“, said an admirer. “Self-esteem is everything in life“, commented another. A third highlighted: “today is much better“.



The singer Gretchen surprised fans by saying that she was admitted to the side of her husband. The reason? Both underwent the same plastic surgery.

That’s right: they will touch up the LAD lipo, a procedure that leaves the belly defined.

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