“Have you betrayed Leo?”; after the fans pressure, Poliana Rocha answers questions about her relationship with singer Leonardo


Married for more than 20 years with the countryman, the journalist has already been the subject of controversies involving the singer

Reproduction/Instagram Poliana Rocha
Reproduction/Instagram Poliana Rocha

Poliana Rocha, Leonardo’s wife, has already had her relationship exposed in some controversies involving the singer. Married for more than 20 years to the sertanejo, the communicator has already openly said about the perrengues she has gone through with her husband. However, many people are surprised to learn that the muse never gave a “fence jump”.

As usual, the journalist and digital influencer opened a box of questions on her Instagram this Wednesday (17). In the stories, the blonde decided to talk about the questions that are made by her followers about her relationship. “Poli, have you ever betrayed Leo?”asked an internet user

The singer’s mother’s response Zé Felipe he was: “no”. In addition to this simple but direct answer, she also confessed that she has never had other relationships, even momentarily separated from Leo. Poliana, in an interview with podcasts with your daughter-in-law Virginia Fonseca and Camila Loures, spoke without any restriction at the side of the Husband how their relationship works these days.

For those who just arrived and don’t know what happened, the lovebirds split up in the early 2000s, before the birth of João Guilhermeyoungest son of Leonardo with Naira Ávilla. “During the time you were apart, did you get involved with other people?”, asked another follower. Poliana’s answer was direct and equal: “no”.

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