Headache, dizziness, cramps and cramps after orgasm. Is it normal? – 08/19/2022

Dizziness, nausea, sneezing, cramps, headaches and the urge to urinate are some of the symptoms that can happen after orgasm, because the body goes through a peak of extreme excitement for a moment of relaxation.

Juliana De Biagi, gynecologist, obstetrician and professor at Fempar (Faculdade Evangélica Mackenzie do Paraná), explains that during sex, in the arousal phase, muscle relaxation occurs, increased blood supply to the sexual organs and lubrication.

At the time of orgasm, norepinephrine is released, which causes muscle and blood vessel contractions, increased blood pressure and heart rate. Soon after, the release of noradrenaline stops abruptly causing intense relaxation. This is the time when unwanted symptoms can happen.

Check out below the signs of discomfort that can arise in some people after the maximum moment of sexual pleasure:

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According to De Biagi, the urinary system can also be affected during climax. The bladder muscle relaxes and the urethra contracts, which leads to an urge to urinate, but with difficulty emptying the bladder.

This symptom usually lasts for a short time and then it is possible to urinate normally. Even a golden tip, especially for women, is to always empty your bladder after intercourse to avoid urinary infections. In the case of men, the semen residue that remained in the urethra ends up being eliminated when urinating.

  • Sexual and orgasmic headaches

Priscila Fernandes Gouveia, pelvic physiotherapist and specialist in pelvic floor rehabilitation at Unifesp (Federal University of São Paulo), says that there is an estimate that varies between 1% and 1.5% of the population that suffers from sexual headache with a higher incidence. between men and genetically predisposed people.

The pain can happen just before, during or after orgasm from both intimate intercourse and masturbation. Before climax, the sexual headache is one that gradually increases as the tension in sex between the bodies grows and occurs in about 20% of cases.

Orgastic headache occurs immediately at orgasm, in 80% of cases, and appears in a highly intense and sudden way, as if it were “thunder” or “explosion”.

The reasons for the discomfort can originate from contraction of the cerebral arteries, followed by relaxation, which can lead to headaches. When severe, it is necessary to seek urgent medical attention.
Pain attacks can be short-lived or take a few hours. There are remedies that can prevent these pains, but they must be prescribed by a trained professional.

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Marcela*, 34, a doctor from Curitiba, says that she usually feels nauseous and unwell after having had maximum pleasure in relationships. Therefore, she needs to lie down for a few minutes to wait for the uncomfortable signs to pass. When she saw a gynecologist, she was given the diagnosis that she didn’t need to worry.

In this case, there are uterine contractions followed by relaxation and, possibly, due to the greater blood flow in Organs reproductive organs, nausea can come because of a lesser circulation of blood in the gastrointestinal region, so it affects men as well. In addition, those who swallow semen may also experience nausea.

If there is any pain along with the reaction on a recurring basis, it is necessary to check for pelvic causes which may be related to fibroids, endometriosis and ovarian cysts.

Due to the sudden drop in pressure, dizziness and a feeling of “unease” may occur. If sexual activity is very intense, in which a lot of energy is spent, it requires more effort and if there has not been an adequate diet beforehand, it is possible that the symptom appears.

There is an endorphin rush during sex, increased metabolism, increased heart rate and blood pressure, especially if the amount of energy spent in activity is high, which can influence dizziness after the peak of pleasure. Generally people shouldn’t worry, this feeling lasts for a short time.

Camila Trevisan, 25, a publicist from Curitiba, reports that she usually has intestinal cramping pains that happen in a matter of seconds after orgasm. To relieve the discomfort, she needs to do something like take a shower, put a hot compress on the area of ​​pain, or even pass gas.

Sylvia Maria Oliveira da Cunha Cavalcanti, member of the national commission at Febrasgo (Brazilian Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics Associations) and postgraduate in sexology at EBMSP (Bahia School of Medicine and Public Health), explains that blood flows with a focus on the organs genitals at the time of “let’s see”. In the case of women, the uterus becomes engorged with blood and in this the organism prepares itself for the ritual of procreation.

At the time of orgasm, the uterus contracts to release cervical mucus, which is a natural secretion. This contraction of mucus expulsion, in some women, happens as if it were colic.

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Jaqueline Eduarda, 27, student, feels cramping and bursts of laughter as she climaxes. Despite this, she and her partner are already used to the reactions that pass in a short time and even find it funny.

Possibly, this happens because all the muscles are tense, which can cause the feeling of weakness in the legs and even cramps, but which quickly dissipate afterwards, as the body returns to the resting state that it was in before, a phase that is resolution call.

There is no scientific justification, but there are probabilities of failure of brain synapses, leading to nervous system reactions throughout the body. However, it is something very rare to happen, as it is a particularity of the individual.

Should I be concerned about any of these signs?

In general, these symptoms are not worrisome if they resolve quickly, except when they are associated with severe pain, which should be investigated. More attention is needed, especially in case of pelvic pain and severe headache.

Another important situation is the medical evaluation when these symptoms have an impact on the quality of sexual life. Or when the person feels embarrassed by the symptoms and ends up avoiding having sex out of fear or shame.

*Name changed at the request of the interviewee.

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