My column in Folha: Insanity makes the resistance speech obvious – 08/19/2022

To what a miserable standard was Brazil relegated to see itself in the contingency of saluting as an act of resistance the speech of Alexandre de Moraes when he took office as president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). Strictly speaking, there is nothing special there: it is the Pythagorean Theorem of the Rule of Law; it is the Law of Gravity of democracy; it is the Law of Large Numbers of civilized life. AND, however, we react, the decent ones, as if the minister had discovered the Philosopher’s Stone. !huh Is this a country in which the obvious is raised to the status of a special category of thought? It is the one in which some businessmen, among others, get together in a WhatsApp group to preach a coup d’état if Lula wins the election. AND they do it in the name of freedom. The rhetoric of the troglodytes around the world is always the same. I am obviously not criticizing Moraes’ speech. On the contrary. In his simplicity and in his clarity, he exposed the nature of these days. So much so that only the president and those who depend on his will to remain in the position they hold did not applaud. André Mendonça and Kassio Nunes Marques, ministers of the STF, were also not enthusiastic. But in this case, the issue is one of character, not functional dependence.
Bolsonaro and Bolsonarism spread ignorance and obscurantism everywhere and give a mass of ethical and moral illiterates, many of them rich and arrogant, a sense of belonging. Like the leader of Sweden, these people never wanted to study anything, delve into anything, engage in any kind of theoretical investigation or speculation. On the contrary: it treats intellectual cultivation with disdain and rancor — “communist stuff.”
A report by Guilherme Amado, in Metrópoles, exposed the coup articulations of businessmen such as Luciano Hang (Havan), Afrânio Barreira (Coco Bambu), José Khouri (Rede Barra Shopping), Ivan Wrobel (Construtora W3) and Marco Aurélio Raymundo, the “Morongo ” (Mormaii), among others.
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