“Never…”; After dating request, Viih Tube ‘ignores’ Eliezer’s gift, is embarrassed and ex-BBB reacts


The ex-lollipoper, who decided to make the relationship official with a romantic surprise, joked about the situation

Photo 1: Reproduction/Instagram Eliezer - Photo 2: Reproduction/Instagram Viih Tube
Photo 1: Reproduction/Instagram Eliezer – Photo 2: Reproduction/Instagram Viih Tube

after surprising HIV Tube with a dating request, Eliezer presented the digital influencer with flowers. On Instagram Stories, the formerBBB 22 showed that the youtuber forgot to take the ‘treat’ after the couple left the bubble cabin, located in the interior of São Paulo.

will be left behind [as flores]I will not remember [de pegar]I will not go“, Eli told the followers. Already in the cart to leave the place, the carioca questioned the loved one: “Where’s your flower?“. Good-naturedly, the designer didn’t want to go back to get the gift.”I never give you a flower, never again“, he joked.

On the way, the lovebirds came across an animal in the forest and the businessman didn’t miss the joke. “Take the flower there, the flower is for you to eat. Go there, eat the flower“, had fun.”For“, replied Viih, who did not hide his shame at the situation.

First time I gave flowers to someone, it was this one for never again. She shit for the flower“, he wrote. It is worth noting that the last one eliminated from BBB 22 prepared the romantic trip in secrecy, in order to make the relationship with the content creator official.

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