Newborn dies at HMI and hospital admits lack of doctor

Another tragedy was recorded at the Hospital Materno Infantil (HMI) in Marabá: the newborn died from inhaling feces in the mother’s womb. An internal investigation and also the Public Ministry should investigate the case, but complaints from employees of the health center itself indicate that there were only two obstetricians on duty, when, in fact, there should have been four professionals during the weekend. In addition, the Social Organization (OS) that manages the HMI admitted the absence of professionals on Sunday (14), when everything happened.

According to what was found by the report, the 28-year-old patient arrived at the normal delivery center, at HMI, around 8:30 am, with 6 or 7 centimeters of dilatation. At 10:30 am, she was fully dilated and had a low heartbeat, so she was immediately taken to the delivery room, according to the city hall, accompanied by a gynecologist, pediatrician and a multidisciplinary team.

But, different from what the City Hall Communications Department (Secom) reported, the OS Madre Tereza, who manages the HMI, admitted that, although the contract determines that four doctors should be included, this is not happening.

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“Due to the withdrawal of some doctors for personal reasons and loss due to the death of another, our company has momentarily been having difficulties in closing the scale”, assumes the OS, contradicting the note from the city hall itself, which claimed that the patient was accompanied by a complete team. .

On the other hand, OS promises that the problem will soon be resolved, as “we have already contacted with the acceptance of some professionals to meet the need”.


Although Secom has informed that resuscitation was started on the newborn with the presence of a pediatrician and a nursing team, HMI servers, who asked not to be identified, reported that helping the child took a long time and this may have been decisive for the tragic outcome of the case.

“All the maneuvers were carried out for the rescue attempt, but unfortunately the newborn died. Even so, the HMI and the Health Department are opening an internal investigation to check all the procedures”, said the note from Secom.

Our reporter did not have access to the medical records to try to locate the family who was the victim of another death at HMI to know what measures will be taken. The servers that are the source of our report also say they are scared about the problems that have occurred in the hospital and the consequences for the patients. (Child Chagas)

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